Best Fashion Blogs You Should Follow This Year

When it comes to fashion, staying on top of trends is now easier than ever. You might see your favorite Women’s Designer Jeans or your favorite celebrity wearing Lollys Laundry and instantly want to find the same outfit to emulate their style.

However, checking out fashion blogs will give you a new way to discover the latest trends and blogs enable your own style to grow as you’re not copying a look exactly. Fashion blogs let you take inspiration from the blogger and craft your own unique style. But if you’re looking for grunge aesthetic accessories, you can visit a site like for more helpful info!

So, to get your wardrobe up to date, here are the best fashion blogs you should follow this year.

Girl With Curves

If you find that you can’t relate to a lot of fashion bloggers due to feeling like you don’t look the same, you definitely should check out Girl With Curves. Creator Tanesha Awasthi aims to show the world that fashion is for everyone, not just slim people. She wants to help bring confidence to plus-sized women and show them how beautiful they really are.

One Dapper Street

A lot of fashion blogs tend to be directed at women, as is fashion in general. That’s why former model Marcel Floruss started One Dapper Street to show men that caring about their clothes and style is a trait not to be ashamed of. When you first enter the site, you’re greeted with a form you can fill out that will give you the exact type of style you want to see. This is great if you have no idea where to start but want to build up your own personal style.

Glamazon Diaries

If you like a little travel and beauty thrown into your fashion blogs, then be sure to give Glamazon Diaries a read. Makeda Saggau-Sackey has been blogging since 2007 and is an advocate for body positivity. Covering everything from her wedding to her own fitness journey, Glamazon Diaries offers the whole package in a wonderfully stylish way.

Wendy’s Look Book

Sometimes it can be hard to follow the latest trends. Especially when they’re mostly geared towards taller people. So, if you’re 5 foot tall, you may not be able to find a pair of the latest flared jeans that actually fit. However, Wendy Nguyen has put together a petit look book to help you dress your height without compromise. Her style feels very Parisian and cool, but her honesty and personality really shine through in her posts which sets her apart from the rest.

Accidental Icon

Fashion isn’t just for the young either! Lynn Slater decided that she would be a beacon of light to others her age and rock her grey hair with style. Her blog Accidental Icon shows that no matter how old you are, you can still dress how you want and look great. Combining elements of decades gone by and modern styles, Lynn perfectly captures her essence and individuality all while being an inspiration to others.

The Frow

If you’re a lover of all things designer, then The Frow is made just for you. Showcasing the latest designer goods, the writer Victoria really sets the bar high when it comes to staying on top of the latest trends. Her regular blog posts mean that you can always know the newest fashions coming out off the catwalks. She blogs about pakistani designer clothes uk and more. As you know, fashion isn’t just about clothes, it’s about the whole look from top to toe. The Frow also has sections dedicated to makeup, skincare, and even fragrances to ensure you don’t miss out on anything. Even if your budget doesn’t allow everything to be designer brands, The Frow offers you heaps of inspiration and ideas so you can work with what you’ve got too.

The world of fashion is so huge that it’s impossible to list every amazing blog, but the list above should give you a pretty good idea of what’s out there. As the world becomes more digital, different people are able to have a platform within fashion. This means if you don’t fit into that standard model look you see in magazines, someone out there will have crafted a fashion blog to show that you can be outside of that realm and still look amazing. Delve into the world of fashion blogs and let your own style flourish!