7 Ways How You Can Use Your Bitcoins in Missoula

There are plenty of ways in which you can use your kjop bitcoin in Missoula, but not all of them are as predictable as you may think. From buying gift cards to playing games that yield bitcoin as a reward, the world of cryptocurrency is bigger than you think – and Missoula residents and visitors can take full advantage of it.

Check out the ways in which you can spend your bitcoin in Missoula to take advantage of crypto laws even when crypto mining is difficult to partake on.

7. Use Bitcoin to Purchase Gift Cards

You can visit online shops to buy gift cards with bitcoin. Then, you can use your new gift cards to shop in plenty of big-name shops in Missoula! This is a fantastic way to turn your bitcoin into USD as well without having to keep them in a crypto wallet using USDT or any other currencies that are tied to the dollar price.

Be sure to buy gift cards that can be used in multiple stores, or you can alternatively buy the gift cards to shop online and set the products to be delivered to your home in Missoula.

Use sites like eGifter to purchase gift cards in Missoula and other parts of the United States.

6. Plan Your Vacations

Nowadays, there are many ways for you to make a full vacation plan using bitcoins. You may live in Missoula, but you can go and visit any part of the United States or the world using bitcoins if you know how to do it correctly. CoinDesk has a fantastic guide for the perfect vacation plan using only bitcoin.

5. Supporting Charities with Bitcoin

Supporting charities using bitcoin can be a fantastic way to give back to the world what the world has given to you (especially if you’ve been buying bitcoin since the early 2010s). Plenty of modern charities allow you to donate in BTC, like Save the Children.

4. Support Local Businesses

There are a lot of local businesses that see bitcoin as a way to receive payments. As such, if you’re looking to buy something new or simply feel like buying from a non-massive corporation, you can always see which local businesses are offering bitcoin payments to opt for that option.

Bazars, startups, and entrepreneurs often accept bitcoin payments as a payment form. You can take advantage of this to support them and also get new stuff for yourself.

You may also get yourself something nice that you may have not gotten from another store!

3.  Tip Missoula Industry Workers

Tipping with bitcoin is a dangerous thing to do, as some people still don’t know how bitcoin works and may prefer you give them a tip in a FIAT currency instead.

However, we’ve found an app that we absolutely love. It allows you to tip with bitcoin and, should the tip never be claimed by the waiter, the money will simply be returned to you. It’s called BCTIP, and it produces printable tips for you to tip that waiter that works so hard for you.

As we said, be careful when tipping with bitcoin and always ask the waiter, or any industry workers of your choice, whether they’re comfortable with it.

2. Play at an Available Bitcoin Casino

Spending your bitcoins at available online casinos that accept cryptos could be one of the best ways to spend them if you live in Missoula. After all, international crypto casinos accept people from all over the world, which makes it extremely easy for Missoula residents to spend their cryptos in them.

Some of these casinos even offer free money bonuses and free spins that let you get extra bitcoins without having to spend any of your own. It’s a win-win scenario in which you can partake – especially if you’re a fan of online gambling activities.

Don’t start playing without checking out reviews, though. Read a complete review about the mBit Casino and learn how to get the best of your time on the site.

1. Buying Video Games with Bitcoin

There are a lot of ways to buy video games with bitcoin, and not all of them include buying gift cards to then trade them for games (albeit this way is the most common and most accessible one so far). Some gaming companies are now allowing people to use their BTC to buy games directly from their stores!

The most prominent example of this is Microsoft. The Microsoft Store allows people to use their own Bitcoin to pay for their products, something that some of their closest competitors like Sony are still not doing.

Microsoft is the biggest gaming-related company to take steps towards the acceptance of bitcoin payments as well as being the leading name in the games-by-subscription world with the Xbox Game Pass.