5 Ways to Make Your Camper Feel Like Home

If you recently got into RV travel, you may drive a van that looks more like a metal cage than a home on wheels. You will feel more comfortable in your camper if it reflects your personality. With a bit of effort and money, here’s how to make your camper look homier.

1. Comfy blankets and cushions are essential

While they are also very comfortable to cozy up in, soft blankets and cushions to pair can add a lovely atmosphere to your RV. If your personality is more eclectic choose brighter patterns, but if you’re someone who’s more down to earth, jewel-toned or earthy color palette. Nothing makes you feel more at ease in your vehicle than curling up under a blanket while watching a movie or reading a book, especially during the cold months. Blankets can heat you up to some degree but it’s also very important to have the best 12v heater for campervan installed to stay warm during fall and winter. A heater and soft accessories to your campervan will make you wish it’s winter all year round.

2. Color livens up your space

To be honest, campervans can generally look a bit dull but that just makes them perfect for decoration! A few splashes of color will instantly brighten up your van’s interior. Why don’t you incorporate some colorful cups and plates? Or perhaps some bright pictures and posters? Mismatched patterns can also look fantastic, providing a warm and unique environment that you’ll never want to leave.

3. Soft lighting is a must

There’s nothing that will make your van feel more like home than mellow lighting. You must have seen the pictures of some beautifully decorated campers adorned with fairy lights. Why don’t you make fairy lights an integral part of your camper too? Most are powered by batteries, so you don’t have to worry about providing an electrical outlet. It’s also very important to note that warmer light will result in a more homey atmosphere, so make sure to get yellow lights instead of bright white ones. Apart from fairy lights, mellow lighting can be achieved by getting multiple smaller table-top lamps. Lamps are fantastic because they are so diverse looking – anyone can find one which will fit perfectly in their camper’s interior. Furthermore, it is essential to put caravan servicing Melbourne on priority.

4. Rugs will add the liveliness

Rugs are another great way to add some color to your camper while also being a great way to insulate the living area. By choosing a rug of your liking you’re also ingraining some of your personality in your van. You might even be able to buy one while traveling – rug-weaving traditions are common in Europe and the Middle East, for example in Turkey and Spain. It’s also a great souvenir from your trip! Don’t overlook the importance of doormats, though. A clean camper is a homey camper, so having somewhere to wipe off your dirty boots after a day of hiking is essential.

5. Scents are greatly important

People easily get used to pretty much everything which is why it’s easy to overlook the significance of how your RV smells once you spend a considerable amount of time in it.

Cooking, clothes, and motor emissions can all combine to create an unpleasant stench, especially in the cramped interior of a van. Don’t forget to frequently open windows or utilize extractor fans so that heavy odor may come out. The smell of freshly cut grass, woods, or sea breeze is one of the grand pleasures of an outdoor vacation if your camp is in a top location. However, the reality of a camping trip is that sometimes you’ll be forced to park in an area that doesn’t smell particularly pleasant. In that case, you may pick out some flowers or light a scented candle.