The Pros And Cons of RV Lifestyle

Those who have never lived in an RV have two types of opinions or prejudice. The first group of people thinks it’s way more practical and affordable in comparison to the traditional home, while there are individuals who think the opposite.

They find it too risky and inconvenient, especially with families that have children. So who is right? The safest answer would be – both. It all highly depends on your preferences, needs, as well as lifestyle.

Just like with anything else in life, there are positive and negative aspects to this type of vehicle and way of life. So, to make things easier for those that are having second thoughts about it, we are about to dive in and reveal both pros and cons of this form of lifestyle.

All You Need To Know About RV Living

Endless Adventure

Those who are yearning to explore new places and are generally adventurous are typically the ones who choose this type of vehicle. Owning a home on wheels enables precisely this activity.

You will get the opportunity to get to know your country better and see every corner of it thoroughly. There are so many National Parks, villages, cities, mountains that are yet to be discovered, along with numerous entertaining activities, such as scuba diving, rafting, and many others.


This isn’t the biggest problem in the world, but definitely something that doesn’t go unnoticed. Even RV lovers at agree with this fact. Namely, every relatively bigger step you make feels like a smaller earthquake.

You could be sitting at your desk, reading a book, or writing something, and then, suddenly you would start feeling like something is swaying and shaking. This is probably one of the least favorite moments during your road trip.

Those who are a little bit more sensitive may start feeling nauseous from going back and forth. You could always obtain some stabilizers, but still, this is something you cannot get used to so quickly.

Flaws And Virtues Of Owning An RV

Time You Spend Together

We all live in a fast, busy world, filled with chaos and city bustle, and that’s something you can avoid while you are spending time in your RV. Namely, if you live with your better half, you will get the chance to focus more on him or her and time with one another.

That’s something you cannot always get when you’re living in a huge house. In this scenario, you are able to explore and experience more interesting things, and since you are living in a relatively small room you are much more focused on each other which means improved communication.

Not Enough Space

Yes, we know that we mentioned the benefits of living in a smaller place a few seconds ago, but it’s also important to accentuate its flaws. This isn’t just about your room, but about other parts of your house on wheels.

Just think about the kitchen. Those who have a knack for cooking and love to experiment with different interesting recipes are not quite able to do it here. There simply isn’t enough space for that.

Besides, after a long, exhausting day, most of us love to take a long, relaxing bath, however, in this case, you are going to have to settle for tiny showers, and unfortunately, having a bathtub is never going to happen. For example, if you own a boat and are unable to take it with you, you will need to find a trusted boat storage facility where your vessel will be completely safe and secure while you are traveling in your RV. This way you can enjoy the best of both worlds – road trips and sailing adventures.

Meeting New People

There are so many different types of people who live in your country that you’ve never gotten a chance to meet. With an RV you will be able to do that. The more people you meet, the more you grow and learn.

You’ll get to familiarize yourself with their customs, habits, lifestyles, etc and that’s something you are not able to do by leading a classic life. You’ll get to meet locals and uncover all of their secrets when it comes to food, attractions, and many others.

The Toilet

Now, there isn’t any easy way to talk about this. Those who are living in this vehicle, are continuously thinking about poop and it seems like everything revolves around it. The storage, the emptying, everything.

Unlike in traditional homes, when all you have to do is flush, here the situation is “slightly” different. You have to constantly empty both grey and black tanks which isn’t a pleasant thing to do at all!

Having an RV can be one of the most exciting things in life. You get to be more flexible, free, and adventurous, however, it doesn’t mean that it’s for everyone. That’s why we’ve written all these pros and cons to help you decide whether it is for you or not.