A Basic Life Support Course: 6 Important Things To Know

Basic Life Support (BLS) is one of the most important courses every medical student must complete and master. Sometimes non-medical people take the course to be able to save lives in case of emergencies. Therefore, this course is extremely handy not just for medical students, but for you to be the reason someone survives after you know what steps to take to help them.

There are some things to expect when you apply for a BLS course that will help you understand the program better. In this article, we will tell you about the 6 most important things you need to know about the BLS course.

1. It’s Not Semester Based

Unlike other courses that take a whole semester to complete, BLS is not semester-based. Instead, the course is completed through lectures and practical work.  Once completed, you receive a certificate or completion card which is proof you have completed the coursework required for the class.

2. You Learn Everything for an Emergency

The course teaches you basic skills needed to help people through any medical emergency until they go to a hospital or the ambulance to arrive. Some of the skills you learn are CPR, airway management to help unblock a patient’s airways and allow them to breathe, and many other skills necessary for life support.  You can apply for ACLS BLS and PALS so that you can be thoroughly equipped for all kinds of life-threatening emergencies. ACLS stands for Advanced Cardiac Life Support, and PALS is Pediatric Advanced Life Support. Both courses, along with BLS, are necessary for any medical student.

3. It’s Not Only for Medical Students

Many people must have a BLS certificate for their jobs and some of these jobs are not necessarily related to medicine. For example, lifeguards must have basic knowledge of first aid because BLS includes learning about the procedures to take in case of drowning. In addition, people working in schools like coaches and some teachers could find BLS handy in case of accidents that may happen to children.

4. The Course Is Accessible for Everyone

Everyone has various skills and different paces at which they grasp information. The value of the BLS course is that it is taught in a variety of ways, allowing anyone to learn and acquire their certificate regardless of how they learn or what difficulties they suffer from.

5. You Must Pass the Test

Like any other academic program, you have a final test that you must pass to earn your certificate. It may not last for a whole semester, but it is still an academic program. You are required to finish all lectures, assignments and, finally, sit for the test.

6. Certificates Must Be Renewed

The BLS certificate is valid for two years.  Unfortunately, this means you will have to apply for it to be renewed bi-yearly. 

This program is extremely useful whether you aspire to become a doctor, a nurse, or love working with and helping people. You may also apply for the certificate for no reason other than to know what to do to save anyone in the event of a life-threatening accident.