The Best Things to Do around Missoula

Missoula is a warm and friendly town full of culture and nature. If you’re visiting and looking for something to do around Missoula, you’re in luck. There is so much to enjoy, you’ll be spoilt for choice. There is something for everyone in this community-based city. Read our blog for all the details on Missoula’s best attractions.

Yellowstone National Park

Driving a bit outside Missoula this time, but you can’t miss the opportunity to visit one of the greatest national parks in the country. The famous national park is home to some of the more bizarre and beautiful aspects of nature. Explore the thermal basins and witness the explosive hot springs, mud pots, fumaroles, and geysers up close.

Hike a trail through the woods, watch the bison, wolves, or bears, or take a guided horse ride around the park.

You can set up a tent in one of the 12 available park campgrounds and sleep under the stars with a smore. Or you can take advantage of the clear waters and go swimming, take a boat out into the water, or even stay on land and try your hand at fishing.

In the winter the park turns into a ski resort, where you can ski, snowboard or snowmobile your way through the slopes.

Yellowstone has everything for nature lovers, extreme sports freaks, campers, hikers and more. There is even free public wi-fi available if you cannot live without contact with the outside world, especially if you want to watch the latest Netflix offering, laugh at silly cats on YouTube or browse the Slotocash casino review if you’re into online gaming.

Star gazing at the planetarium

The University of Montana houses a planetarium that offers an amazing and beautiful Star Gazing Room.

Enter the basement of the Payne Family Native American Centre, which is open to the public, to get familiar with the constellations, planets, and bright deep sky objects that are visible in the moment. Upcoming celestial events will also be covered by the planetarium and each of the shows are followed by topics such as the star lore of different cultures, planetary exploration and the search for exoplanets and cosmology.

Take the kids and learn about the world beyond our atmosphere. Your mind will open with wonder as you watch the many, many, lights in the sky and learn about their place in the universe.

Tickets are $6 for adults and $4 for children under 12.

Montana Museum of Art and Culture

For an art-infused day out, visit the Montana Museum of Art and Culture. The museum’s permanent collection includes everything from Rembrandt to Andy Warhol in their nearly 11,000 item collection.

See the Rocky Mountains as depicted by the great artists of the past, as well as historic European works and collections from Southeast Asia. The collection houses work from names such as Peter Blake, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, and Gloria Emerson.

There are regularly updated exhibitions to keep you coming back to find something new. A recent exhibit featured posters of the past Olympic games, showcasing the vital role they’ve played throughout history. Another named “Art Under Pressure” focused on the history of prints and graphic design.