Yachting: The New Trend in American Summer

Yachts have a long-standing reputation as luxury sea vessels that cater to the super-wealthy. However, unbeknownst to most, the definition of a yacht encompasses all boats used recreationally. So be it a boat dedicated to providing accommodation, hosting parties, or used for cruising, yachts are ultimately intended for people’s pleasure.

Interestingly, in the past year, research reveals interest in boat hire has risen by 156%. And while locations such as Greece and Croatia in Europe are often prime locations for US yachters. Due to ongoing travel restrictions, this year, vacationers are eager to rent a boat off the US coastline. On the other hand, lucky are those who can still Travel in Croatia because they will discover true wonders.

How Easy Is It To Charter A Yacht?

Chartering a yacht is exceptionally easy. Those wanting to plan a sailing trip can visit www.borrowaboat.com, choose their desired location, and browse the sea vessels on offer.

With so many yachts to choose from, it helps if users funnel down what they want by tweaking the filters.

Guests can adjust the budget, select amenities, and specify what square footage passengers would like onboard.

Equally, for any questions unanswered in the description, holidaymakers can contact the boat owner directly.

Once the yacht is chosen, aspiring sailors can explore the dates on offer and select a duration that suits them.

Popular US Yachting Locations in 2021

Here are a few top trending locations in the US.

Miami, Florida

Compared to 2020 stats, bookings for boats in Miami more than doubled in 2021. Popular boat hire preferences included pontoon boats and luxury yachts.

Keywest, Florida

Key West is a population destination for those seeking a welcoming tourist location and warm climate. This year, Keywest witnessed a surge of visitors on the water and people booking boats for longer durations.

Austin, Texas

Austin has attracted more holidaymakers this year to hire yachts with an increased interest in day trips.

Why is Yachting Trending in the US?

For a better understanding of why yachting in the US is trending, check out the reasons below.

Tailored Experience

Yachts, centred around providing a luxury experience for its guests, will have staff that goes above and beyond to cater to holidaymakers every whim.

From preplanning what meals the vacationer and their party would like on their trip. To fulfilling special requests, such as hosting a birthday party on board. To unpacking and pressing the guests’ clothes.

On high-end yachts, most demands are fulfilled to please the customer and enhance their experience aboard.

Freedom to Sail Anywhere

While with some boat trips and cruises, the captain is assigned a specific route to follow at sea. Chartering a yacht gives clients freedom, upon the captain’s permission, to travel wherever they desire.

Be it a secluded beach—a party destination on a nearby island. Or to enjoy the peace of the ocean by lowering the anchor in the middle of the sea.

Guests onboard a yacht have more freedom to choose where and when to travel to a new place.

Explore the US Oceans in more Depth

The vast coastline surrounding America makes way for an abundance of opportunities for US citizens to explore the beautiful reefs, oceans, and caves on their countries’ doorstep.

Luxury Accommodation

Many yachts tend to have extravagant amenities for guests to make use of, such as inbuilt hot tubs, saunas, gourmet kitchens, deluxe bedrooms, and more.

In a nutshell, a luxury yacht provides guests an unforgettable five-star experience.

Wealth of Choice

With numerous yachts to choose from, US holidaymakers are spoilt for choice. With each supplying different facilities, interior, and staff. There’s a yacht out there to suit all tastes and budgets.

What to Consider When Hiring a Yacht

Holidaymakers should cover the ins and outs of chartering a yacht before booking to maximize the holiday experience by:

Checking Reviews

Hiring a yacht can be pricey, so it helps to know beforehand whether the boat owner provides value for the money paid by checking recent customer reviews.

Inclusive or Expense Based Charters

Inclusive charters include the cost of all the food and activities on board. In contrast, expense-based charters tally up the bill of meals, desserts, drinks, and so forth used throughout the yachting journey.

An inclusive charter may initially seem more expensive. But it reassures the yacht renter that everything during the trip is paid for.

Boat Size

Whether renting a yacht for a day or a few nights, it’s essential to check whether the boat has enough room to cater to the amount of guests yacht renters want to invite onboard.

Request a Tour

Depending on where a yacht of interest is based, it could be worth requesting a boat tour ahead of booking to ensure it meets holidaymakers’ expectations.

Search for Discounts

It’s wise to shop around and browse different yachts for hire to source deals and discounts, to save money.

For instance, in areas where yacht rental is abundant, but customer demand to hire yachts is low. Guests could secure a vessel for less without sacrificing their desired amenities.

US yachting during the summer is trending because it gives Americans the freedom to create unique personalized trips at sea in luxury accommodation with ease.

As recommended above, those wanting to jump on the US yachting trend may want to use the tips to check reviews, search for discounts, and, if possible, request a tour. To ensure vacationers create a well-prepared and smooth trip that will satisfy all guests.