What Exactly Does A Home Warranty Cover? Find Out Here

If you’re one of the many people who are thinking about purchasing a home warranty, but are unsure what exactly does a home warranty cover? Then this article is for you. If you aren’t familiar with the concept of having a home warranty, you will find out exactly what it is and how it works.

What is home warranty?

A home warranty is a plan that allows you, the homeowner, to pay an annual fee in order to receive protection for your appliances and mechanical services when they break down. When something goes wrong with your home’s appliances, the home warranty company will fix it for you. A typical service call can range from $150-$400 depending on what exactly they cover.

So, what does a home warranty cover?

A typical home warranty will cover the following:

  • The set of kitchen appliances such as the refrigerator, oven, and microwave.
  • The heating system, such as central heat and air units. Before you purchase a warranty, make sure it covers your specific unit to ensure accuracy when filing claims in the future.
  • Pipes, water heaters, and sump pumps are also typically covered under home warranties. This is important because these are expensive repairs many homeowners are not prepared for financially or do not have room in their budget to take care of immediately without help from a warranty company.  
  • Electrical work is guaranteed as well. This makes home warranties a very safe investment for anyone interested in the service they provide.

What kind of warranty should I buy?

There are many companies offering warranties. It’s important to read reviews online about these companies before choosing the right one for you. There are companies that sell home warranty coverage in Arizona that offer some of the most comprehensive plans available to protect your household appliances and systems. When speaking with a representative or researching online, find out what is covered under their warranty, any exclusions that may apply, how much they will take to come out to your home, and what exactly you are covered for. Also, know if there are any age limitations on the items being repaired or replaced before you sign up because this can affect whether a company decides to help you or not.

How is a home warranty beneficial?

Home warranties allow you to call on the company if your refrigerator breaks down, and they will come out quickly and fix it or replace damaged parts with new refrigerator parts. It gets rid of the stress of having an appliance break in your home and worrying about how you will pay for what can sometimes be a costly repair that some people cannot afford. This is very beneficial, especially if you are renting because the landlord would need to make the repairs on their dime which can take up valuable time for them as well as cost them money.

Can every house have a warranty?

Home warranties are typically not offered to homes that are still under construction. However, you can purchase a warranty if your home is newly built and has never been lived in. Sometimes it’s beneficial to wait until your home is complete, but if you are absolutely sure that you want coverage on your new home, then go ahead and purchase one.

And the rented houses?

If you rent your home, typically there are no warranty options available to you. This is because the landlord has an insurance policy on the structure of their building, and they will fix anything that breaks or goes wrong. Home warranties are generally not offered for rented homes, so if you own the house but still intend to rent it out, speak with your warranty provider first before purchasing one. Maybe they can offer special services for this unique situation, even though it’s uncommon. However, if you plan on living in your new home, then definitely invest in a home warranty soon after closing!

How do I save the most money?

Before purchasing a warranty, take some time out of your day to figure out exactly what appliances or pieces of equipment would be covered, so you can plan accordingly when determining which company fits best for your needs. If you know there is something specific that will need repair within the next year such as an oven or refrigerator, go with the company that covers those items first versus having a warranty that covers all appliances and equipment not specifically mentioned. This allows you to save some money which you can put towards the things you need such as food, bills or medical care.

The main reason people purchase home warranties is so they aren’t burdened with the cost of major repairs when something goes wrong with one of their appliances in their home. Make sure you have all of your bases covered by choosing a reputable company that can repair or replace nearly anything that breaks down in your house without charging too much money.