Different Ways to Use Pepper Jelly

Pepper jelly is gaining popularity again because of its incredible versatility and delicious flavor.  Although this treat has been popular for hundreds of years, many don’t realize that this is more than just a spread you can put on toast.

These are the many different ways pepper jelly can be put to use in any kitchen, and here’s why you should invest in a tasty jar of it soon!

As A Topping For Sweets

Sweets like candy, fruit, cookies, some breads, and other goodies are often one-note.  Many think that sweet things should stay simply sweet and nothing else: but they’re missing out on a lot of delicious treats! Instead, consider making thumbprint cookies and putting a dollop of pepper jelly in the center.  This can add a spicy and fun surprise to any cookie and make the flavor more complex and interesting.  You can also take this further by spreading a little jelly on top of a chocolate cupcake or brownie.  Although this may sound odd, the heat mixed with the depth of flavor from the brownie can be flawless.

Great Addition to Charcuterie Board

Charcuterie boards aren’t complete without pepper jelly dip.  This delicious dip can entice a dunk of anything from fruit to cheese and is a fantastic way to try new flavor combinations.  If you know someone who hasn’t attempted pepper jelly before, this is an awesome way to introduce them to the flavor.  They’ll fall in love with it and be incredibly thankful you’re the one who let them try it!

Fantastic Way To Roast Nuts

Snacks are another great space where pepper jelly can be used.  Toss nuts with pepper jelly until they’re evenly coated, and then bake on a greased baking pan at low heat until they’re just barely tacky.  As these cool down, the coating will harden into a crunchy caramelized texture that will make these treats irresistible!  Although this is best for peanuts and almonds, most nuts can be roasted in this fashion as long as you make sure not to cook them too long or burn the jelly.

Delicious For Roasted Chicken

Roasted chicken is a staple in most households, an easy meal that takes less than an hour and can turn out delicious results.  If you turn the chicken in pepper jelly before baking in it, the outside will form a crispy and delicious coating, and the inside will stay moist and delicious.  Although this can be a strange combination to some, the heat and sweetness pair well with the flavor of chicken, especially dark meat, and can allow the dish to really sing.

Tasty Burger Addition

When many grill their burgers, the most they’ll put on them is cheese or ketchup: you can give your burgers a far more interesting flavor, though!  Spreading pepper jelly on a burger will add heat and increase the complex taste of it.  You can still put cheese, tomatoes, and lettuce on a burger that’s been topped with pepper jelly: but you’ll never want to serve a burger with ketchup again