These Smart Tips Will Keep A Remote Team Constantly Productive

Following the latest developments in the world, work from home became a new normal. The number of companies who switch partially or entirely to the remote option is growing at lightning speed, bringing along new challenges. Even though productivity has always been one of the major snags for team managers, it seems that today, some of them have a really hard time trying to improve performances and boost the efficiency of their squads.

There are plenty of reasons why it is often too difficult to make a remote team run like clockwork and perform at its best, the practice shows that even the most qualified professionals tend not to fulfill their potential. Luckily, there are tried and true, well-crafted formulas to overcome the toughest challenges brought by working from home. Here you have it: smart tips to keep every remote team constantly productive.

Use Employee Monitoring Software

We live in the era of innovative technologies and chances are, you use the latest collaboration tools and cloud-based software to facilitate centralization and instant sharing of all significant data. Well, no doubt, those solutions are great for letting your remote crew stay on top of current trends and even benefit from training and coaching. 

But do their boost your team’s productivity? Not really, because they do not provide a possibility to streamline day-to-day operations. To make up for this shortcoming, consider getting employee monitoring software, a state-of-the-art application that not only watches every member of your team every minute of the day but also visualizes team productivity, creating ways to optimize the workflow. As can be seen on this website, many team leaders recommend employee monitoring software, which is no wonder given that it tracks the computer activity of every team member. Another advantage is being able to regularly receive screenshots as proof your employees are doing their work and not having fun on social media.

Foster Team Spirit 

One of the major responsibilities of every team manager is to foster team spirit and motivate every member – no matter the circumstances. Well, a conference room is undoubtedly a much better place for implementing this idea, but there is nothing you can do about the fact your team members are miles away except make certain adjustments.

Talk to them as frequently as you can to show them support and appreciation. Fortunately, nowadays, there are a plethora of ways for personal interaction, including Skype and FaceTime, to name just a few. Make sure both of you have cameras on or, otherwise, you won’t be able to see their facial expressions and read important reactions.

When it comes to promoting team spirit, nothing can beat the results delivered by online meetings. Needless to say, they have to be scheduled well in advance, so every employee can attend them and be part of your vision. Just a heads-up, to reach your goals, do take these meetings seriously and always thoroughly prepare for them.

Create Productivity Guidelines

Set aside enough time to compile a comprehensive list with advice on how employees can increase their productivity. In order to ensure full and instant access to this guidance from any device and at any time, upload them to the cloud. Your employees will appreciate the opportunity to brush on useful tips that can improve their performances. It’s also a good idea to add some suggestions on how to create a more productive environment when working from home.

Always Give Feedback

It might be not obvious, but believe it or not, your team members strive for feedback. The latter is important to them in many ways, and especially in terms of progress. Naturally, everyone craves positive feedback, therefore never miss the chance to make your employees feel good and get motivated. Whenever you see room for showing your team your appreciation of all their hard work, do not hesitate to do it, and you’ll see the difference. Safely praise them for meeting short deadlines or completing a complex task, and always highlight how their commitment contributes to the success of the company.

Nowadays, team leaders face many more challenges in managing their employees than ever before, mainly due to the numerous difficulties brought by the remote work concept. However, the right approach to the needs of the team members and the use of dedicated hi-tech tools can guarantee high and constant productivity, as well as seamless work of virtually any team. Foster team spirit, always give your employees feedback, work out truly useful guidelines for better cooperation, and watch your productivity growing.