Making Summer Special At Your Boutique Hotel

Summer is here with longer days and warmer weather, and for those in the hotel business, it means welcoming more guests. If you are in the business, you know the importance of having your hotel running at high occupancy all summer, taking advantage of peak-season tourism spikes for as long as possible. This is why summer marketing is crucial to every hotel—especially those dependent upon high-season business.

The good news is that with just a few initiatives, your hotel can significantly improve its summer appeal and resonate with all the beach-goers, sun-chasers, and relaxation-seekers out there planning their summer getaways.

Offer Extras

One of the best ways to attract guests is to offer an extra compelling reason to choose your hotel for their vacation. For instance, offer a summer-related special, such as discounted tickets to a nearby water park or free access to a specific part of your hotel that usually costs extra, like a family hotel spa or luxury recreation area. This can do the trick and make an attractive deal for families deciding where to stay on their holiday.

Complimentary Outdoor Breakfast

With warm weather comes the urge to soak up the sun for as long as possible. If your hotel already offers a breakfast buffet or continental breakfast, allow guests to take advantage of the warm weather by giving them the option to eat outdoors in a beautifully designed seating area with a fantastic hotel furniture set. If you don’t yet offer one, consider instituting a breakfast program.

To stand out from the competition, build unique outdoor seating areas. For instance, you could create a colorful outdoor sitting area with chairs topped with vibrant accent pillows or a wood-lined area with a custom-made fire pit and greenery. Take advantage of your hotel’s surroundings by creating a space that is complemented by the nature around it. Regardless of your choice, ensure the sitting area is inviting and creates intimacy while also allowing for appropriate distancing.

Outdoor Entertainment

Look into entertainment acts available in your area and book options for all ages and preferences, from family-friendly magic acts to a date-night comedy show. You can organize performances in the outdoor space for guests to take advantage of the beautiful weather.

Typically, late afternoons and early evenings are ideal for scheduling these events. The weather will still be warm, but the sun will not be too high in the sky. You should also ensure that water is available and accessible at various spots on your property. This will help your guests quench their thirst and stay hydrated in the heat without having to search for water.

Bonuses From Local Businesses

Chances are, your hotel is not the only business in your area that’s looking to attract clients. By collaborating with other companies, you reduce the cost of promotion and marketing while bagging broader coverage.

Some successful possible partnerships could be with restaurants, museums, theme parks, cinemas, sporting arenas, and tour guides. Consider giving special deals/coupons to guests so they can visit these places at a discounted rate. This will associate your brand with an excellent overall trip rather than just a good hotel stay. Furthermore, you will also form relationships with businesses in the area, so they will be more likely to recommend your hotel to customers.

Make Your Pool a Luxury Experience

When it comes to taking full advantage of the sunny days, a poolside with comfortable furniture and charming décor is a must-have. Most pools have been closed during the pandemic. Advertise that yours is open (but only after taking the necessary COVID-19 precautions), and do everything possible to bolster the experience.

Whether your pool is on the smaller side or made for swimming laps, decorate the pool space and turn the area into a tranquil oasis. This could include installing hot tubs, spa details, saunas, sun chairs, and so on. Also, consider adding a poolside dining option. Guests love the experience of dining under the sun near a sparkling pool. Just be sure to opt for waterproof cushioning.

Furthermore, invest in branding your hotel around the pool area. Your guests are more likely to take photos when they are out there, and these photos shared on social media and other platforms are free advertising. It will also help you build a social media presence while increasing your image.

Help Guests Keep Cool in Style

Most hotels offer complimentary items to guests, such as toiletries that will remind them of your hotel while advertising it to others. A few summer/warm weather items you can give your guests include sunglasses, moisturizers, towels, t-shirts, and water bottles.

Give your guest branded items so they will remember you even when they are away from your hotel and advertise it wherever they go. Guests will be proud to show off they stayed at your hotel.

Be Consistent in Your Marketing Efforts

As you keep promoting your hotel and guests become familiar with these initiatives, you will establish a rhythm. You will then have to search for new ideas to keep your guests coming back for more. Throughout, keep in mind that the primary purpose of everything you do should be to give your guests the best summer stay possible.