How Much Does Car Insurance Cost in Missoula?

Car insurance in Missoula, Montana seems expensive – and for good reason. Montana has higher-than-average car insurance prices compared to the rest of the country.

The average driver in Missoula pays around $1,721 per year for full coverage car insurance, which is hundreds of dollars higher than the nationwide average of around $1,350 per year.

Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about the cost of car insurance in Missoula, Montana – including ways to save.

The Average Cost of Car Insurance in Missoula

Only 11 states in America have higher car insurance premiums, on average, than Montana. As the 12th most expensive state in America for car insurance, Montana has some of the highest prices in the nation.

The average driver in Montana pays around $1,700 per year for full coverage car insurance. In addition, those who have had their license revoked or suspended may consider getting sr22 insurance from authorized companies.

In all states, drivers in urban areas tend to pay higher rates than drivers in rural areas. That’s why drivers in Missoula may pay even more for car insurance than average. Urban areas have higher traffic density and a greater rate of accidents than rural areas, both of which push prices higher.

Overall, the average driver in Missoula pays $1,721 per year for full coverage car insurance, which includes liability coverage, collision coverage, and comprehensive coverage.

Why Car Insurance is More Expensive in Missoula

There are several reasons why car insurance is more expensive in Missoula, including:

High Traffic Fatality Rate: Montana is among the nation’s leaders for traffic fatalities. Statewide, there are more traffic fatalities in Montana than most other states. Traffic fatalities cost insurance companies a lot of money.

Uninsured Drivers: Thousands of drivers across Montana drive without car insurance. Statewide, approximately 10% of drivers does not have car insurance. That means thousands of drivers in Missoula alone may not carry valid coverage. Uninsured drivers raise rates for insurance companies.

Severe Weather: Drivers in Missoula are familiar with rough weather. The region has cold and snowy winters. The summer has wildfires. Insurance companies may also need to cover the costs of floods and other natural disasters.

Population Density: Missoula is Montana’s second largest city (after Billings). With a population over 73,000, Missoula has higher population density than most parts of Montana. Higher population density tends to lead to higher accident rates and more traffic. It could also increase the rate of vehicle theft, break-ins, and vandalism. Insurers pass these higher costs onto drivers in the form of higher insurance premiums.

Rising Costs of Healthcare & Repairs: There are other reasons why the cost of car insurance rises over time. Things get more expensive. Healthcare and mechanic costs rise, and insurance companies need to raise rates to cover their bills. They pass these higher costs onto consumers, leading to higher car insurance premiums across Missoula.

How to Get Cheap Car Insurance Premiums in Missoula

Drivers in Missoula pay nearly $300 more for car insurance every year than the average American. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to save money on car insurance in Missoula, including:

  • Compare quotes online. Drivers in Missoula have plenty of insurers from which to choose, including nationwide providers and regional firms.
  • Adjust coverage. Lower your deductible or change your limits to lower your car insurance premiums. You may be over-insured.
  • Add or remove drivers. If a driver in your household has a bad driving history, then you could be paying higher rates. Consider adding or removing drivers from your policy to save money.

Final Word

From hiking ‘The M’ to tubing the Clark Fork River in the summer, there are plenty of reasons to love living in Missoula. Unfortunately, car insurance prices aren’t one of them.

Although car insurance tends to be more expensive in Missoula, drivers can find ways to save by shopping around, comparing quotes, and taking advantage of discounts.