Food Delivery After COVID – Will It Remain As Popular?

Food delivery services have been one of the few industries that have flourished during COVID-19 with many people turning to takeout to replace going out, but what will happen with the economy tentatively opening up? It will be fascinating to see if people still opt for getting food delivered to their door or whether people will be desperate to get out and start going out for dinner once again.

The Benefits of Food Delivery

Takeout has always been popular but during COVID-19 it has reached new heights. There are many reasons for this, but perhaps the main reason is that it is a way for people to treat themselves and break up the monotony of the day. On top of this, food delivery is highly convenient and ideal for those with busy lifestyles, plus it is a way for people to enjoy restaurant-standard food and useful for those that do not have the time or energy to cook.

Here to Stay

While there is expected to be a boom as restaurants and pubs open up and restrictions are lifted, it is also likely that food delivery will continue to be the most popular option. This is because it can be so convenient and people can enjoy great food without even having to leave the house, which means that some people are also ordering food simply for themselves throughout the day. On top of this, people have gotten used to socializing in their homes and this could remain popular even once everything has opened up again (it can also be much cheaper).

Good for Business

From a business standpoint, food delivery services are hugely profitable too. Industry experts state that the changing consumer habits are reshaping the industry and creating new opportunities for restaurants, particularly with millennials using food delivery apps often with many making regular orders (especially if they are working remotely).


The rise of food delivery also creates new employment opportunities, which could be key with so many people losing their jobs or looking to supplement their income. Similarly, taxi cab drivers can also take advantage of this by using their vehicles for food delivery services in addition to passenger trips (which could start to pick up again with the ending of restrictions). This can be flexible work that people can get without previous experience and being able to drive being the only prerequisite.

Food delivery has taken off during COVID-19 and been something for many people to look forward to, but people are also ordering food simply for convenience and to enjoy by themselves at home. It is likely that consumer trends have been changed forever and, while many will be keen to go out for dinner, food delivery will continue to be a popular option for people throughout the week.