Reasons Why You Might Want to Invest in a 3D Printer

Over the last century, human civilization has made significant improvements across all disciplines — technology, health, communication, etc. And in the printing world, the 3D printer is a classic example of how technology makes modern manufacturing easy. A few decades ago, 3D printing was expensive to afford. Starting a 3D printing business could set you back hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Fast-forward to today, and the scenario has changed. With as low as $200, you can quickly get into 3D printing. This then begs the question: “Is a 3D printer worth investing in?” The truth: Yes. With 3D printing, there’s an infinite potential to entertain and build new things. That said, here’s why you should invest in a 3D printer today. Ready? Let’s get started.

1. Master a Hobby

Do you have more time on your side but don’t have an activity to spend that time on? If this sounds like you, 3D printing can help. The 3D printing industry is flourishing with hobbyists who use their time to create and design worthwhile projects. With a 3D printer for miniatures, you can print high-resolution 3D prints at a fast speed. Once you take 3D printing as a hobby, you will learn more about your creative abilities. To refine your 3D printing experience, learn the design and programming aspects of it. This way, you can command higher rates for your designs once you master your printing skills.

2. Monetize Your Craft

With a 3D printer, you have the opportunity to make money off your new skills. Besides selling your designs online, you can also teach 3D printing classes. Additionally, you can sell and market your guides to learners interested in learning 3D printing. This way, you can help other people learn new skills and still sell your designs to interested parties. Once you’ve completed your first project, you’ll wonder why you didn’t buy a printer earlier enough. However, 3D printing requires the willingness to innovate and learn. That said, ensure you put time into honing your skills.

3. Grow New Skills

Today, we live in a skill-oriented world. Industries are willing to pay more for better designs and to the people with the right skills. 3D printing is a hobby that will expand the limits of your innovation and creativity. What’s more, it’s marketable and will set you apart from the growing competition in the 21st century. For instance, learning how to use CAD software can increase your chances of getting hired for a printing role. Once you familiarize yourself with the equipment and technology involved in 3D printing, it makes you a sophisticated and capable person.

4. Invent Something New

With creativity comes innovation. Today, 3D printing is a boon to investors. They’re willing to invest large chunks of money for new inventions. When you invent a new prototype, you can easily make thousands of dollars from your creation. Next, this also brings in the idea of personalization: How about a new superman toy for your child? A set of home tools to use during maintenance and repair? All these items are available from the commercial application of 3D printing. You can purchase them — or you could buy a 3D printer and start designing them.

Many people would love to be able to invent something that could help to revolutionize people’s lives or make an impact on the world. Many inventors of the past do this in sectors ranging from medical and science to tech and others. If you have come up with a great invention idea, it is advisable to learn the key aspects of the process like the ones at

5. Better Quality

A 3D printer provides high-quality items and finishes — which makes having one at home a must-have. This way, you can recreate new things with your unique design. Also, you control the quality of your items as you want them. This is different from outsourcing, where you’ll have to inherit some errors from a particular design. That said, having your 3D printer introduces you to educational benefits. Additionally, you get to control the design and quality of your items.

6. 3D Printers are Environment-Friendly

Additive manufacturing reduces the need for shipping, packaging and uses less material. This lowers emissions — fuel needed for delivery — hence making you environment-conscious. Even better, you don’t have to wait days to have your item ordered. You can take everything a notch higher by utilizing 3D printing filaments: These primarily consist of waste plastics — making it possible to recycle your filament when possible. For the 3D printing enthusiasts, there’s a myriad of exotic environment-friendly materials to use, such as wood fiber, seaweed, or hemp. You may also consider using hdpe sheets or filaments.

There you have it! The best reasons to invest in a 3D printer. Remember, 3D printing is the technology of the future. While investing in new technology can be intimidating — what if it becomes obsolete? The good news is that 3D printing is here to stay. Research shows that 3D printing is still in its relative infancy. That said, invest in a 3D printer today.