Cold Brew vs Warm Brewed Coffee – What Are They And Which One Is Tastier?

The magical beans called coffee have become very important for most of us. You can easily tell by the number of coffee shops scattered around every city you visit and by just looking at the number of people holding a cup of coffee in their hands whether it is hot or cold. Although it might seem that all people go for the hot form of the beverage, you would be surprised by the amount of those who would rather drink it cold. You might also not know that even if you like to drink it hot, you can start the process by brewing it in cold water first. So what is the difference between the brewing options and which one is better? Below is a brief explanation of both brewing processes and the things you need to keep in mind when starting to brew and make your coffee at home. 

1. Warm Brew 

As the name suggests, a warm brew is when you brew the coffee beans using warm water. The process of brewing is one that requires patience. You add warm water to the beans and let them sit. However, a warm brew has more acidity to its taste and a little bit more bitterness as well. You can later cool that drink down and use it while it is cold. The point here is that the brewing method itself is done using warm water, but the use of the final drink is up to you to decide. Although there is a variety of equipment used for hot brewing, you can dispense with them and make a decent cup of coffee without fancy equipment. We know that often it is because you have to buy machines or something of the sort to start making things at home that stops you from trying them in the first place. So, try first with the things you have at your disposal and then take it from there, see if you will need to buy more things later. 

2. Cold Brew 

This is quite the opposite to warm brewed coffee; you brew your coffee beans in cold water. This process takes longer, but you know what they say, everything that is deserving makes you wait, and usually, this process takes between 12 to 24 hours of waiting. The product of such a method is something that you can do a lot with. You can drink it hot merely by adding the cold brew to hot water. You can make yourself a cup of iced coffee on a hot summer day. If you prefer adding milk to your coffee, you can add some milk to the cold brew and also some ice cubes, and voila la! You have yourself an iced latte that tastes delicious and refreshing. You can even pair it with soda; you can’t do that with hot coffee, can ya? 

3. What To Consider 

 Ultimately, what you find tasty is something totally up to you and to your preferences. However, some factors stand between you and a good cup of coffee that has nothing to do with the brewing method – for example, the quality of water. If your water is not pure, it will affect the taste of your coffee apart, of course, from the health hazards of drinking impure water. In this case, it is advisable to use bottled or filtered water for your coffee and everyday drinking and cooking purposes. 

Coffee is a drink enjoyed by many because of how good it tastes. It no longer is the beverage you drink to get a caffeine dose in the morning to start your day or late at night when you have a project that you can`t sleep before you submit. There are so many different ways to drink coffee that you probably haven’t tried yet. We think instead of just sticking to the only way you drink it; you should give them a try. The process of making a cup of coffee at home can give you the much desired mindful me-time you have been craving for a while. For many people, coffee brewing has become a habit and has changed their mornings and evenings from merely pouring some hot water over ground beans into a ritual that they cherish and wait for. For the best coffee brewing results, hot or cold, use organically grown beans. There is nothing more enticing than the smell of freshly brewed coffee, so fill your home with the aroma of coffee beans brewing in your kitchen.