6 Good Reasons Why You Should Drink Coffee Everyday

Have you ever wondered if all the coffee that you, so love may have amazing health benefits too? A lot of people are unaware of whether coffee contributes to their health at all. Well, if you didn’t know before, coffee does wonders for your health. People worldwide crave coffee, and there is a vast majority of coffee drinkers out there.

Coffee has a Controversial Reputation

Interestingly, coffee has quite a reputation tinted with controversy, with its fans raving about how brain-boosting properties while the opponents keep discussing adverse effects. You may be asking yourself whether or not to have coffee at all. Or, how beneficial coffee drinking could be. 

The controversy often makes it confusing for a person to make an opinion, but we all can agree that coffee happens to be a thing to fall in love with. Thankfully, the latest research has revealed significant evidence in favor of the numerous benefits that coffee offers. So, it’s a piece of great news for all coffee lovers.

What About All the Hassle of Making Coffee?

Well, if you have the right recipe and tools, it is not a hassle at all. With the best Dolce Gusto machine, you can easily brew a cup of coffee that soothes down your nerves. Alternatively, you can choose to grab a cup of coffee from your favorite spot simply, but that’s going to cost you some dollars regularly. With a good coffee machine, you can enjoy the same taste as any good coffee brand, have the health benefits and avoid the expense. 

In this guide, we are going to share six reasons you should be drinking coffee daily. 

1. A Mugful of Antioxidants

Whether you are going for a cappuccino or a Latte, you would enjoy all the benefits that come along with a potent dose of antioxidants. That delicious mug of coffee has a ton load of antioxidants. According to an estimate, coffee beans have as many as 1000 antioxidants when unprocessed. Once you roast the coffee beans (for that very amazing and intoxicating aroma!), the antioxidant content increases by a few hundred. 

Antioxidants are the natural inflammation fighters; you need to fight off any underlying chronic condition (including cancer, atherosclerosis, cardiovascular disease, or arthritis). They help protect our body at a micro-level against cell damage. 

2. Shield Yourself from Cognitive Decline

While we cannot stop aging from happening, we can undoubtedly delay its adverse effects. Cognitive decline is one such companion of aging that we can avoid by savoring a mug of steaming coffee. According to research, coffee consumption regularly happens to enhance brain activity and boost memory and cognitive functions. It also protects the user from dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Moreover, coffee is very essential for a healthy liver because it significantly reduces the risks of liver cancer and cirrhosis. 

3. Why Not Have a Liver and Heart-Healthy Cappuccino?

Your mug of cappuccino is relatively healthy for your cardiac health. Research studies have revealed that people who consume coffee in moderation enjoyed a 20% reduced risk of suffering heart disease. It is theorized that coffee protects against cardiac ailments by offering protection against inflammatory arterial damage. 

4. Coffee Fights off Some Cancers

It is a fantastic advantage that coffee substantially lowers the risk of certain cancers, including endometrial, aggressive prostate, liver, rectal, breast, and colon cancer. This anti-carcinogenic property of coffee could be attributed to its antioxidant phytochemicals and polyphenol contents. 

5. Lower the Risk of Type-II Diabetes with Coffee

Research has accumulated ample evidence that coffee drinking significantly reduces the risk of diabetes type-II. You might be wondering how it works? One theory is that it helps the body make use of insulin and protects insulin-producing cells. Another way it shields you from type-II diabetes is by preventing any tissue damage and fighting off inflammation (that is a well-known risk factor for type-II diabetes). In avoiding diabetes, decaff is supposedly more beneficial. 

6. Drink Coffee to Case Off the Shadows of Depression

It is not your physical health that reaps the benefits from drinking coffee, but your mental health is also affected positively. A lot of studies revealed the link between coffee drinking and reduced rates of clinical depression. This happens because caffeine stimulates the release of neurochemicals, endorphins (including serotonin and dopamine). Endorphins are potent neurotransmitters essential for mood regulation and feeling happiness. 

The benefits we shared above are only a few out of many that coffee drinking brings along. While there are some adverse effects linked with coffee drinking, you would find the beneficial effects more compelling. An ideal recommendation is to drink coffee in moderation, neither go cold turkey nor go overboard with it. Nothing brings your mind at peace faster than a mug of well-brewed coffee.