Wedding Announcement Ideas That Might Interest You

Sending out wedding invitations is an exciting way to announce your wedding date and inform the special people in your life about all the details regarding your big day. Normally, wedding invitations aren’t that big of a deal. However, some couples lately are going out of their way, customizing their wedding invitations to add their personal touch. Whether you’re looking for new ways to announce a wedding for a friend or yourself, here are some ideas that might interest you.

1.Include an Engagement Photo 

Your engagement photos could be used somewhere else in your wedding favors rather than only saving these photos for the groom and the bride. Adding a photo of you and your partner at the front of the invitation is a great way to add more character to the card. Some of your distant relatives and friends will also be given the chance to see you two as an engaged couple through the picture if they haven’t already. Also, a photo that you two may have from the beginning of your relationship can do the job if you haven’t taken your engagement photos yet. Choose the photo that’s closest to your heart, the one that holds a good memory behind it.

2. Make an Online Announcement 

Social media is becoming a multi-purpose tool nowadays. You can announce your wedding date through a social media post or create an event page to invite specific people including your friends and relatives.  Worry not about the elderly not getting invited because they can get the memo from their kids or younger relatives if they aren’t on any social media platforms. You can also have a personalized wedding hashtag for your big day specially created for you and your partner. To create your own wedding hashtag, you just need to provide the hashtag creators with some of your basic information such as your and your partner’s complete name, the wedding date, wedding place, and your individual nicknames. The hashtag creators will take care of the rest after having these pieces of information. You can use the hashtag on your social media, allowing your invitees to know everything they need to know about your special day.

3. Send out Audio Cards 

Time has offered us the opportunity to add audio into our traditional invitation cards. Getting a little advanced, you can now add a short audio clip with a message inviting your loved ones directly by your own words, your voice, and of course, your partner’s too! A wedding invitation with the couple’s voice recorded as a way to announce their wedding is quite adorable to have your loved ones listening to your voices while sharing the details about your big day. 

4. Message in a Bottle 

If you are going to have a beach wedding, announcing your wedding through a message in a bottle is the perfect way to send out your invitation. Get vintage or beach-themed papers where you can print all the wedding details on then fit the papers into the bottles and add some decoration to make the bottle look nice. Now your invitations are all done, giving the people a little sneak peek of the wedding’s theme.

5. Comic Paper 

Sure, you and your partner have something in common, and if the love for comic books is one of them, then your own comic book is a great way to announce your wedding and put a smile on your guests’ faces. You can reach out to a digital illustrator to make the comics and recreate the scene of your proposal. The comic characters referencing you as the couple getting married would be the cherry on top. In this type of wedding announcement, you can have so much fun with the drawings, colors, and fonts.

6. Puzzle Box

Surprise your guests by sending them a box full of puzzle pieces at their doorstep. The instructions are simple, just put the pieces together and they will get to see the full layout of the invite of your special day. Also, you can up the game and add mini puzzles for the bridesmaid’s dress code. 

7. Make It a Newsworthy Headline

Imitate traditional news sources by making a fake newspaper headline to announce your wedding day. With so much paper and space available, you can add articles for your guests to read. You can include a back story on how you guys met, the first time you laid your eyes on each other, the signs you became sure you were meant to be together, and even the moment you realized you would do anything to spend the rest of your life with your partner. These details will allow your guests to know more of your story as a couple and get them excited about your wedding day. 

8. Movie Poster 

What else would be the perfect way to announce your wedding than through a movie that you and your partner love or think can perfectly describe your story? You can do your wedding invitation to look like the poster of this movie, writing the bride’s and groom’s names instead of the actors’ names and your actual wedding day as the day to release the movie. You can add a back story on the poster to describe your relationship as every movie poster has the movie description on it.

Getting married is a very special milestone that most people look forward to as a couple. Deciding how you are going to announce your wedding date can be a little challenging as there are new wedding invitation ideas coming out every day, and more couples are looking for unique ways to announce their wedding. So, make sure you do your research and find the style of invitations that would make you and your partner feel satisfied and happy. Take a trip back to memory lane to reminisce about your days as a new couple and include some of these memories in your wedding invitation to reflect your personality. Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event and that should be enough reason to never settle for anything less perfect on such a special day.