4 Ways To Find Out If Your Partner Is Having An Affair

It’s never going to be easy, once you start suspecting your partner is having an affair then the pain will start to kick in. There’s heartache, loneliness, and denial. These are things that can drive one crazy or even drive you to do something unholy, and later on, regret it. But finding out the truth makes things a little bit easier rather than being in the dark and hoping that they will change, or remember how much they used to love you.

Additionally, once you get that feeling that your partner is having an affair, the best way to confirm your suspicions is by hiring private investigators. Private instigators and the like, are good at their job, and they’ll provide you with enough evidence to confront your significant other. There are some tell-tale signs of an affair and once the cheating partner is caught red-handed or admits and owns up to their deeds, only then, do you get some closure. 

Below are four ways to find out if your partner is having an affair:

1. They Are Receiving A Lot Of Private Calls

If you ever find out that your partner is taking in the bathroom, or they are walking out whenever they have a call, then it could be that they are cheating on you. A faithful partner will always be open with their business deals. This guide from The Spy Store explains how you can install hidden cameras to monitor your spouse’s activities. This is a great surveillance strategy when you have a cheating partner. A faithful spouse or partner will always be forthcoming with their conversations or whomever they are talking to.

This goes to show that a relationship with trust issues is a questionable one. If you are not trusting your partner enough, then there are underlying issues that need to be addressed. You can start by being open about your phone conversations and not having to install complicated passwords on your phone. One more thing, include your partner in some of your conversations as this will help to build trust and avoid suspicion.  

2. Suspicious Business Trips

Having a partner who is not forthcoming about their business trips and why they are taking them becomes more suspicious. Most of the time, you might find yourself tracking their phone activities. There are apps out there that are designed for exactly this. There are, however, ways that you know if your partner is on a business trip or not:

  • They get defensive when questioned on where they are going for their business trip
  • They get protective of their phones, briefcases, or even luggage
  • They delay getting back from their trip even when they are done
  • The travels become more frequent than usual
  • They get offensive and defensive once you notice a change in their behaviors

3. Emotional Distancing 

Most partners, especially ones that are in an affair will distance themselves emotionally from their true partners. You’ll find that they are no longer as good in bed as they used to. They will be having fewer conversations with you, and they will be less interested in your matters. Now, because they are getting more attention from the other party, they’ll become withdrawn from your life. It’s hurting and frustrating to live with someone who’s less interested in your life. Among the ways that you can bring them back includes: 

  • Wear sexy clothes
  • Take them out
  • Go on a vacation 
  • Talk dirty
  • Show more love
  • Prepare a delicious dinner 
  • A gift once in a while will do it 

4. Unexplainable Cash Withdrawals

Financial fidelity is one type of the signs that an affair is taking place. This is one of the ways that cause deeper scars more than any other hook-ups. Once you notice that your partner is spending more than usual, then this is a clear sign that something is amiss. It could be that they have a rendezvous at the best hotels, lodgings, and outings. These are probably places that they have never taken you to. And to ensure that your finances are intact, below are some warning signs you should look out for in financial infidelity:

  • They get defensive once the issue of money is brought up
  • They get up early to check the mails before you do
  • You find a lot of bills that you have not anticipated
  • They will suddenly start to shower you with gifts

It’s very devastating to find out that your partner is having an affair. The thought of them being with someone else will break your heart, and you’ll start to regret ever meeting them. But all in all, the earlier you find out that your partner is cheating you, you can accept that you were never meant to be. The above are tips that will help you find out if your partner is having an affair.