6 Simple Tips That Will Greatly Improve Your Vaping Experience

Vaping is considered an alternative to smoking. It can be called the “e-cigarette” wherein it stimulates tobacco smoking. Although vaping is less harmful than smoking, it is still dangerous to a person’s heart and lungs. E-cigarettes still contain and heats nicotine, flavorings, and other chemicals each time the person inhales the vape.

But despite these bad effects, there are good ones too. First, it is safer than smoking. According to Public Health England (PHE), vaping is at least 95% less harmful than smoking. Another thing is that the odor is not that strong as tobacco, you can even buy different flavors of it.

As much as possible you want to maximize your usage and enjoy it. So how does one enjoy a good vaping experience? Well, there are six simple tips on how you can improve your vaping experience, especially when you are starting and curious to find out.  

E-Liquids and Flavors

One of the edges of vaping is the access to different scents and tastes compared to smoking. Vaping heavily relies on E-Liquids and E-flavors. You should always invest in good quality liquids and flavors. 

There is a wide variety. It has sweet flavors like chocolate, cinnamon, and vanilla and it also has minty ones like menthol and mint. If interested check out this guide on the best flum flavors!

Although the ones mentioned are not all of their variety but the flavors of e-cigarettes and even CBD have more to offer. You can also try Best Delta 8 THC, which is a product that is a powerful cannabinoid to a cannabis flower. Moreover, it is all-natural and plant-based as well.

PG/VG Ratio

You should also adjust and suit the PG/VG ratio to your use. This ratio is about the amount of propylene glycol versus vegetable glycerin in e-liquids. PV is the strong hit that carries the flavor, and it has a higher viscosity while VG is the mild hit that produces flavor and has a lower viscosity. 

One of the best ratios of PG/VG is the most common one, the 50/50 and another would be the 70/30 which produces more vapor. If you want the smoke to last for a great while, you can try the 100/0 ratio which is best for competitive vapers. 

Clean the Tank

To improve your vaping experience, you must clean the tank. Cleaning the tank gives more flavor to the vape. It is best to give it at least once a week to ensure that it is still in its best condition. 

The best tip is to fill up a bowl with warm water. Dispose of the e-liquid from the tank, fully disassemble the tank, and then place it into the bowl. Wash the tank until it is clean, dry it off with a paper towel, and let it air-dry for a few minutes. 

This technique will ensure that your tank is clean. It will also prevent flavors from turning bad or mixing with other flavors when you shift.

Aside from cleaning your tank, you can also opt to use different tanks per flavor. Doing this technique will also prevent any lingering flavor that can be disgusting to your taste buds. 

Change the Coil

The coil is one of the reasons why an e-cigarette works. Once the coil gets burnt, the vape may not function well or may not function at all. It is advisable to change the vaporizer coil every 1 to 5 weeks of use to prevent it from getting destroyed. 

If your e-liquids leak, your vape tastes burnt, or your e-cigarette is gurgling, then you probably have to change it. To change the coil, you need to fully disassemble the vape, remember to empty the tank, pre-soak the coil’s wicking material, swap the coils, and then once replaced, refill the tank and assemble it again. 


You can’t have a great vaping experience if your device malfunctions or gets broken. You have to handle your vape carefully, especially the battery, the tank, and the device as a whole. 

Store it correctly, avoid overheating the battery, do not overfill the e-liquids, and do not completely tighten your device so do not make it too loose as well. Usually, a vape juice lasts for about two years when stored in a cool and dry place and the e-cigarette can last if it is being maintained carefully. 

You should prevent your vape from getting wet. Water can damage your pen, especially the battery and coil. Also, avoid a plastic tank.

Get Rid of Vaper’s Tongue

What is the point of vaping if you can taste the flavors well? To get some good flavors, make sure to avoid the “vaper’s tongue”. The vaper’s tongue is the ability to not taste the vape because of excessive usage of vaping.

There are times when you vape a specific flavor for too long that when you change flavors you can’t appreciate the new taste. Sometimes because of excessive use, even your current flavor becomes unappealing. 

Some tips to avoid it is to drink water, cut back on caffeine and alcohol usage, and clean your tongue. And to take care of the e-liquids and e-flavors is best if you store them in the freezer to prevent air and light from coming in to contact your juice. You should also shake the bottle first before filling the vape tank. 

Vaping sure does require a lot of work; from all its cleaning every week, changing its coil, maintaining it properly, storing it at the right place, and choosing a good ratio for a good experience. 

Although it is like that, it does not change the fact that vaping is a good stress-reliever and even though it can be addictive to some vapers and smokers, it is a good way for some smokers who wish to quit smoking or even vaping because vaping is something you can control. 

These tips can surely give you a good experience when vaping because it would be a waste if the flavor cannot be tasted, the vapor cannot be seen, and the e-cigarette cannot be taken care of. These simple tips will surely improve your experience in vaping for a long time.