What You Should Know Before Getting a Lasik Eye Surgery

Some people have a 20/20 or a perfect vision. However, others need to wear glasses, contact lenses, or even undergo a certain eye procedure such as Laser-assisted (Lasik) eye surgery to achieve this. This article lists some of the things that you should know before getting LASIK eye surgery.

Proper Preparation

One of the first things that you should know before getting a Intra Lasik eye surgery is the proper preparation. In line with this, a Lasik surgeon in Jacksonville, CA suggests that you should exert the extra effort to get to know your surgeon. This means that you need to research your options and look for a certified general and pediatric ophthalmology surgeon like this Ophthalmologist in Wichita, KS who will be able to perform the procedure for you.

As soon as you get in touch and consult with a reputable eye doctor, the next thing that you need to do is to follow their pre-surgery instructions. For instance, they may ask you to avoid wearing contact lenses or even eye makeup before your surgery. When it comes to soft contact lenses, you may even be advised not to wear them a couple of weeks before the procedure. If you are wearing hard or gas permeable contact lenses, your doctor may ask you to discontinue doing so at least three weeks before the surgery. The reason behind this is that your contact lenses can alter the shape of your cornea and they must retain their original shape through cornea treatment before you undergo the procedure.

Make sure that you also ask questions ahead of time because this will minimize your anxiety and any other surprises that you may encounter. It is also a good idea to research the risks involved with the procedure even if the likelihood of complications such as inflammation, infection, or even over or under correction is rare. Nevertheless, knowing these details means that you are more prepared.

What to Expect

Another thing that you should know before getting a Lasik eye surgery is what you can expect. For instance, it may come as a surprise but you will most likely be awake the entire time. The reason behind this is that Lasik is considered as an outpatient surgical procedure that doesn’t call for surgical anesthesia because stitches are unnecessary. Rather, your surgeon will use eye drops just to numb the surface of your eyes during the surgery.

While Lasik eye surgery is highly effective for most people, you have to keep in mind though that it may not guarantee you a perfect vision. Nevertheless, statistics show that 96% of people who undergo Lasik eye surgery achieve 20/20 vision after the procedure. You just need to follow your doctor’s orders on what you have to do before, during, and after the surgery.

Explore Post-Surgery Care

As much as possible, you should explore post-surgery care before getting a Lasik eye procedure. In this way, you will be more capable of preparing the things that you need as soon as the surgery is done such as prescription eye drops. You should also factor in that these eye drops may cost a certain amount that you need to allocate in your budget. Some doctors even prescribe the use of these eye drops before the procedure, and not only after. You will even be required to wear protective goggles for about 12 to 24 hours after the surgery to prevent you from touching or rubbing your eyes. You may also want to plan accordingly because there will be a period wherein you may not be able to wear makeup or even play sports to foster your eyes’ healing.

It is also a good idea to research your alternatives and be your own advocate. While it is true that Lasik eye surgery is highly beneficial, seasoned doctors will be able to provide you with alternatives in case you are not a good candidate for the procedure. In this case, you will be able to weigh your options, going for the treatment that will be most beneficial for your case. Keep in mind that people with specific corneal diseases, severe dry eyes, as well as those with other specific eye conditions, may fail to benefit from Lasik eye surgery.

Before getting a Lasik eye surgery, you need to follow the proper preparation. You should also research what you can expect during the procedure, as well as what you need to do after the surgery. If you are equipped with all this information, you will be in a better position to take care of your eye, before, during, and after the surgery.