What Is The Purpose Of A Drug Test?

As a business owner, you want to make sure that you are being safe with your employees. You can do this by having drug testing done. It is important to have these tests done to make sure that the employees are not doing drugs and the business is safe.

The purpose of a drug test is to determine the presence of a drug or drug in the body. Drugs of all kinds can be detected, including illicit drugs, prescription drugs, and over-the-counter drugs. 

The most common drug test is a urine test, but other drugs can be detected in saliva, blood, hair, sweat, and fingernails.

Purposes Of A Drug Test

To Ensure Safety

A drug test is used by employers to ensure their employees are safe on the job. Safety is a big concern for employers. A good number of accidents that occur in the workplace can be attributed to drugs or alcohol abuse. It is even estimated that more than 65% of all industrial fatalities have been caused by drug use or abuse, also known as substance abuse. 

Therefore, employers are taking this issue seriously and implementing more and more drug testing programs for employees. They do this not only to make sure that their workers will arrive at work sober and alert but also to lessen the possibility of accidents happening in their workplaces. They also do this to ensure that they do not lose their business licenses because there will be fewer problems on the job as a result of a drug-free workplace.

To Improve Performance

Drug testing is one of the ways leaders, parents, employers, and educators have decided to tackle the issue of drug abuse. Drug tests are administered to improve performance. You have to pass the drug test to be able to work for a particular organization. 

If it is a job in an organization that requires safety measures, you have to submit positive results instead of negatives ones. The negative results will portray that you are not able to work well. You can still find drug testing in industries such as education, telecommunications, transportation, and the military.

Productivity and Profits

Drug testing is a method of ensuring the welfare, productivity, and profits of both an individual and his or her employer. It can be used to assess employee abuse of legal drugs and street drugs such as cocaine, heroin, amphetamine, methamphetamine, marijuana, and PCP. An employer may choose to test an employee for illegal drug use depending on the type of work that is being performed by the employee. For example, Construction Workers or Physicians in Surgery may be required to submit to drug testing due to the risk involved with their jobs. 

The risks associated with these jobs make it important for the workers to always be clean to discharge their duties without problems. When there are problems, it could hit the finance of a business. The health practitioners at Drug Test City emphasize that these reasons are strong enough to warrant a drug test.

Decrease Turnover Rates of Employers

Let’s face it. You utilize the services of drug testing companies to enforce the company drug policy on your employees. Employers use these agencies to lower turnover rates too. Employees have limited time with a specific employer before they leave to work elsewhere. 

It is just in your own best interest to ensure that you can find a replacement employee to fill that position, should the original employee no longer be employed with you by means, he/she is not in compliance with the company drug policy.

Reduce Medical Costs

Testing for drugs has a lot of benefits. Employers can discover if their employees are using drugs and ensure they’re well-rested. Schoolteachers and school districts can test for drugs to keep students from being distracted in the classroom. If illegal drug use is caught early it can save the healthcare system money by preventing major issues such as addiction and accidental overdoses.

Monitoring Opioid Use

Whether prescribed by a doctor or bought over-the-counter, opiate medications are extremely powerful painkillers. When misused, these drugs have the potential to cause serious harm. There are a lot of reasons for it; you may want to test to see if a patient is refraining from using drugs outside the scope of their prescription, or perhaps you’re just worried about them.

The purpose of a drug test is primarily to keep up the integrity of many licensed and professional jobs which require drug screening. Besides, a drug test can also be used to help a person by detecting their drug-abuse problems early.