6 Amazing Ways You Can Use Plexiglass in Your Home

Acrylic or Plexiglass is a thermoplastic that has a wide range of applications. It is becoming increasingly popular for use in residential properties. Plexiglass, as the name suggests, is similar to glass. However, when comparing both you will notice significant differences. For starters, plexiglass is about seventeen times stronger than regular glass.

Acrylic sheets are typically clear, like glass, but they also come in a variety of colors, hues, and tints. It is a quality that makes them especially appealing for decorative purposes at home. More and more uses of plexiglass are being discovered every day with increased usage of the material. The following are six amazing ways you can use plexiglass in your home:

1. Greenhouses and Cold Frames

Many people would like to start a greenhouse in their backyard but believe they don’t have space or resources to do so. However, it is a misconception that can be easily circumvented using plexiglass in particular.

If you have a green thumb, you should definitely consider building a greenhouse on your property using plexiglass. You can make one using a short frame made of acrylic sheets that are attached to the plywood.

The greenhouse would have to have an open-top so as to allow you to protect your most important plants while ensuring they get the necessary ingredients for growth. A passionate and resourceful gardener can create a much larger greenhouse using plexiglass if they wish.

2. Furniture and Protective Coverings

We typically think of wood and materials like leather concerning furniture. However, as the price of plexiglass continues to fall, more people are creating furniture using the material.

You can use acrylic sheets to create furniture that is not only artistic but daring. Plexiglass sheets can be especially useful in creating tabletops that are cheaper and less fragile than glass.

In the spirit of making inventive furniture, you can also use plexiglass to make coverings for the furniture. Thin sheets of plexiglass make excellent furniture coverings especially for people with expensive wooden furniture. It can help protect the integrity of the furniture while giving it a spectacular glossy finish.

3. Window Panes

Plexiglass is the perfect alternative for glass especially if you live in a place where there are objects flying at high speeds such as near a golf course or baseball park. The acrylic sheets will make the perfect window panes that can withstand the force of such projectiles. You can get the window panes to be cut in the same exact size as your windows and the panes you want, and, not only are acrylic sheets more durable than glass but they are also lighter. Hence, they will still serve the purpose of glass window panes but not break with significant impact. 

It costs a significant amount to replace a glass window and if you live in a dangerous area, you may have to replace the panes often. Plexiglass window panes will save you a lot of money.

4. Kitchen Backsplash

It is a shame to have the most lavish tiles and countertops in your kitchen only to have them repeatedly stained. One of the ways you can use plexiglass in your home is to prevent your kitchen surfaces from backlash.

Acrylic backsplashes are available in a variety of colors and hues that can make your kitchen look glossy. You can also use latex paint to implement creative designs in your kitchen.

Acrylic is low maintenance because it can be easily cleaned with soap dishes and water or special cleaners. The smooth surface prevents materials from sticking in your kitchen hence you can always have a clean kitchen.

5. Picture Frames

We all love recording our memories in pictures. However, most picture frames are so fragile and break easily hence you can use plexiglass as an alternative for your picture frames.

You can buy specially designed frame-grade acrylic sheets to use as picture frames that will not break under typical conditions. They will still retain the clarity of glass frames so you can see the pictures.

Moreover, the acrylic sheets can be enjoined to existing picture frames. You can even use the sheets without a picture frame at all.

6. Shelves

You can use plexiglass for shelving in your home as it offers a fantastic minimalist design. Furthermore, it is strong and light, unlike glass shelves which are fragile and heavy.

You will also avoid the breakage of other shelves when using plexiglass because it is very durable. All you have to do is attach the plexiglass sheets to your wall using normal shelving brackets.

Plexiglass is one of the most versatile materials in existence as you can see. The six ways above are the basic ways in which you can use the material in your home. The key is to review your property and find specifically suitable applications for plexiglass.