Popular Fast Food Chains You Need to Try

Fast food may not be the healthiest diet choice but it is certainly one of the most popular. These days there are hundreds of different fast-food chains offering everything from hamburgers to pizzas to Mexican tacos. Fast food is quick, convenient, and while it may not be great for your body, for many people it is their go-to food. While fast food is never likely to be recommended by a nutritionist or a personal trainer, eating it every now and again can be a great treat.

For everyone who likes to indulge in a little guilty pleasure once in a while, here are some popular fast-food chains you need to try.

1. McDonald’s 

Probably the most famous fast food restaurant chain on the planet, the iconic gold arches can be found in almost every country in the world. McDonald’s is famous for its burgers, french fries, and for putting the prefix “Mc” on half of the items on its menu, and there are now almost 40,000 Mcdonald’s worldwide. While in different countries McDonald’s menus vary according to local taste buds, items such as the Big Mac and the famous fries remain relatively unchanged wherever you go. McDonald’s nuggets and fries come with a range of sauces, but real aficionados are waiting for the day they finally bring back the legendary Szechuan dipping sauce released to celebrate the Disney movie Mulan.

2. Burger King

Probably McDonald’s biggest rival on the fast-food market, Burger King prides itself on offering only flame-grilled burgers in contrast to the fried options available from other fast-food chains. Burger King’s answer to the Big Mac is simply called The Whopper, and it is certainly a big, tasty burger. The fast-food giant’s french fries are crispier than McDonald’s’ and the debate still rages on over which is the true king of fast food.

3. Popeye’s

This popular fast-food chain brings the taste of Louisiana to the world with its chain of Southern-Style restaurants. From their Handcrafted Chicken Tenders to their Bourbon Fudge Pie, Popeyes offers something a little different from the other fast-food chains on this list. For those unfamiliar with Southern Cuisine, there really are so many exciting menu items to try. From popcorn shrimp to red beans and rice, you are sure to come back for more again and again. 

4. Subway

While McDonald’s and Burger King may consider themselves to be the celebrities of the fast-food world, Subway actually has more stores than either of them. With over 40,000 stores worldwide, Subway serves up tens of millions of sandwiches to hungry customers every day. What makes Subway different from other fast-food chains is the level of customization which customers have. From choosing what kind of bread you want to pick your own mix of vegetables and sauces, this fast-food behemoth gives you the chance to become a real sandwich artist.

5. Pizza Hut

There are many great pizza fast-food chains such as Domino’s and Papa John’s, but for most people, Pizza Hut is the best of them all. With over 18,000 restaurants worldwide, Pizza Hut offers customers classic thin or deep pan bases with a variety of crusts. As well as classic toppings like pepperoni and supreme, Pizza Hut allows customers to choose their own topping combinations to create pizzas that are totally unique to them. 

6. In-N-Out Burger

Originally only available to the lucky inhabitants of California, In-N-Out Burger is a cult favorite that is now available in six US states. In-N-Out has a very limited menu but where it becomes really exciting is with the so-called “secret menu” which you won’t find printed anywhere in the store. Many diners choose to go “Animal Style” which takes their burger, fries, and shake to another level with mustard grilled patties, special sauce, and extra toppings on the fries. Fans of the Coen Brothers movie The Big Lebowski will know how much the characters in that film rate the burgers, and visiting an In-N-Out Burger at least once in your life should be top of every fast food lover’s bucket list. 

Fast food should never be consumed too regularly but it can be a delicious treat. With such a diverse range of options available, there are so many different fast-food chains, you can try. Whether you love a good burger or you just can’t get enough pizza, this guide has something for everyone. Just try to hit the gym the next day to work off some of those extra calories.