How To Know Good Hemp Flowers When You See Them

Based on your interest in this article, it is likely that you enjoy smoking Hemp. If not, then you must at least have an interest in such activities. As such, we certainly want to make sure that you get your money’s worth. There is no shortage of merchants selling Hemp flowers, but it can be difficult to find a quality supplier. It is often possible to evaluate the quality of Hemp flowers based on their appearance, smell, etc.

Look For A Skunky Smell

When Cannabis of any sort is at full potency, it will also have a potent smell. It is difficult to describe this smell, as it doesn’t resemble many other odors. However, many people have compared it to the smell of a skunk. Obviously, the smell of a skunk is very unpleasant, so the comparison is not perfect. However, that little hint of “skunkiness” is an important indicator of quality.

If someone is attempting to sell you Hemp flowers that don’t have that distinctive smell, it might be fake. At the bare minimum, it might be something that is several years old and has lost much of its potency. Dried plant material can only be stored for so long before it begins to lose its essential chemicals. There is a common belief that a strong smell indicates high-quality Cannabis and that belief is usually correct. There are exceptions, of course, but smell and potency are definitely connected.

Trichomes Are Also Important

When we are speaking about indicators of quality Hemp, we have to talk about trichomes. Have you ever noticed that high-quality Hemp flowers like the ones from Mr hemp flower look kind of frosty? You can see all those little crystals glistening on the surface and they add a lot to the pleasing appearance of the plant. What you may not know is the fact that those crystals are the most important part of the flower.

Those little frosty bits are called trichomes and they are not really crystals at all. They are more like little bulbous sacs that contain the plant’s essential ingredients. CBD, all forms of THC, terpenes, and flavonoids might be found here, and all of those are very important to the end-user.

When you are shopping for Cannabis (or checking out a new purchase), it is a good idea to bring a magnifying glass. You don’t need anything fancy or expensive, as the average magnifying glass will do just fine. You should be able to see a dense outer covering of trichomes.

You can do a simple trichome test by taking a small piece of your Hemp and pressing it against a wall. Mash it with your thumb just a little bit and see if it sticks to the wall. If so, that means it has an especially dense outer layer of trichomes. If it sticks for a few seconds and then falls, you are dealing with a normal level. If it doesn’t stick at all, your Hemp might be no good.

The Hairs

Everyone has noticed the little red/orange hairs that are seen on Hemp flowers. They are one of the plant’s most distinguishing features and they are an indicator of quality. You might be surprised to learn that those little hairs are actually part of the plant’s reproductive organs…The pistil (female part), to be specific.

Technically called stigmas, these hairs extend outward from the pistils. Their purpose is to collect male pollen for fertilization. They are white at first but darken in color as the plant grows. Thus, they can also be an indicator of the plant’s maturity. Cannabis that has been harvested too early (or too late) tends to be of lower quality. If the hairs are a rusty brown color, the plant may have been harvested too late (or stored too long!). If those hairs are very pale, it could indicate the opposite. What you want to see is a bright and healthy color, either red or orange.

Moisture Content

As you can probably see, a lot of these issues come down to the problem of storage. Dried plant material may store well, but it cannot be stored forever. Also, if the drying process was not carried out properly, that lifespan can be shortened drastically. You need to watch out for Hemp that contains too much moisture or too little. Both of these indicate an improper drying process and poor quality.

When you pick up a piece of the flower, you should not be able to crumble it to dust in your hand. If so, it is way too dry and probably too old to do its job. It should be sticky and should tend to break up in clumps. However, if the Hemp is too wet, it will be difficult to keep it lit while smoking. It will also most likely have a slight “moldy bread” smell.

It is common for illicit Marijuana dealers to wet their product in various ways. This adds weight and allows the dealer to get more money per gram. Of course, it’s not very fair to the customer, who is basically paying extra for water. Thankfully, you don’t see this so much with legal Hemp dealers, but it’s still something for which you should watch out. When you try to break a stem in your hand, it should snap cleanly. If not, you might have been the victim of what some people call a “bread-bagging.”


It’s always important to know what you are buying, and Hemp flowers are no exception. For comparison, think about what would happen if you went into an auto mechanics’ shop without a little basic knowledge. In many cases, you would be setting yourself up for a financial shellacking. Still, most Hemp merchants are of the reputable sort, so your cautions may not be necessary. But, at the same time, it never hurts to be well-informed.