Planning Your Wedding Reception In Missoula

Every year, more than 16,000 people get married in Montana. After the ceremony, many couples choose to have a wedding breakfast or a party to celebrate their marriage. In Missoula, there are some great venues where you can hold a party, enjoy a formal meal or a buffet, and spend the night dancing. Whether you want a big, elaborate celebration or a simple, rustic barbecue, there is something in Missoula for everyone.

Choosing your venue

White Raven, just southwest of Missoula, is a wonderful venue for a wedding party. They have a huge, indoor ballroom with a beautiful backdrop – the majestic pines of Montana. The venue will handle all the practical arrangements, from table seating to catering, and there is a great outdoor bar where your wedding guests can enjoy a drink. If you’re looking for a more informal celebration, the Rugged Horizon is a great option. The barn is certainly impressive with the Mission Mountains in the background. Rugged Horizon offers a formal sit-down dining experience, or even some delicious barbecue cooking for a fabulous, fun party.

Entertaining your guests

Some great music is an essential at a wedding party, and there are no shortage of local bands and DJs in Missoula. Montana Wedding DJs is a Missoula-based company that organizes a great music set-up for weddings, including lighting to create an exciting atmosphere. If you’re looking for live music, local company Chicken Jam West Productions can arrange some great bands to play.

Don’t forget about entertaining the children at your wedding. You can get the older ones involved in choosing some music for your big day – it would make it really special and personal. You might even want to delegate wedding jobs to your children, such as handing out favors or cake at the party. For entertaining really young guests, hiring a wedding babysitter is a good idea so that you can focus on your big day.

Feeding your guests

No wedding celebration is complete without something delicious to eat. Many of the local venues have catering options, but you may want to choose something different. The Silk Road Catering and Spice are based in Missoula, and offer a global menu made with seasonal produce. A Moveable Feast is another great local company with a diverse wedding menu that you can customize to your tastes. You can have a family-style dinner service or an informal buffet, all with top-quality food.

If you are planning your wedding party, you don’t have to look any further than Missoula. There is something for every budget and taste, so you’re sure have a celebration that you will remember forever.