How Golfing Can Easily Help You Combat Depression

“A sound mind in a sound body” is a well-known quotation. It is not a hidden fact that physical activity can keep you physically fit. But most people have probably no idea that along with physical health how much it can benefit your mental health. No doubt physical health is important but mental health also holds equal importance.

People might consider golf as just a hobby or a simple outdoor sport. Golf is much more than the regular sport activity that is just going to make you sweat in the sun. Studies have shown that golf has therapeutic effects on human health. 

Picture yourself in a rich green golf course, with serene sunrises and beautiful sunsets, blue skies, and chirping birds playing and enjoying with your family and friends. And a major reason why there is a high increase in the number of people suffering from depression and anxiety every day. Following are a few ways in which golfing can easily help you combat depression.

  • Helps In destressing

During a study conducted in 2018, it was shown that golfing can have a positive impact on mental health. Living their routine daily lives in a robotic manner people have forgotten to enjoy themselves. This sometimes acts as a driving force pushing people towards depression. 

Age doesn’t matter when you are playing golf. It has significant health benefits. People tend to suppress their anger and accumulate negative thoughts. Stress from professional and personal life keeps building up and at one point it’s unbearable. The natural green environment and open sky have a therapeutic effect. Golfing is best for distressing and also having fun at the same time. 

  • Physical Activity

Playing golf can help you burn about 500 calories in an 18 holes golf course. And it is more convenient for people who cannot do any intense workout. Studies show that playing golf has shown positive impacts on people’s health suffering from heart disease and type 2 diabetes. 

It also helps control cholesterol levels and maintain sugar and blood pressure levels. It also seems to increase life expectancy. As it is a known fact that people suffering from depression mostly have low self-confidence. Apart from this a healthy body is also a source of self-confidence and boosts your self-esteem.

  • Therapeutic Effects

Golf is a sport that keeps you close to nature, makes you physically and mentally fit. Nature itself has healing and therapeutic benefits on mental health. And when it comes to golf age and experience don’t matter. The professionals behind point out that you should not put it off just because you don’t know how to play golf or what would you need. Start with some self-research on the internet. 

Golf is also suggested by some psychologists as a type of eco-therapy. Spending time in nature’s lap and playing golf for a few hours will make you calm and more relaxed. Moreover, it is much better for you than taking an antidepressant and your regular vitamin D intake.

  • Socializing

Golfing can help you broaden your social circle. Dopamine released when you interact with people will make you feel more at ease in your surroundings and help you relax around people. Playing golf can also help you polish your social skill. 

Interacting with people in a friendly environment will surely help combat depression. Studies also show further benefits of shaking hands and friendly hugs during the game. But as it is a pandemic going on it’s better to avoid it. Golf is a perfect sport that aids in both professional as well as personal gains. It is an ideal sport that allows you to have fun, exercise, and get a clear mind at the same time.

  • Reduces Anxiety

Nowadays it feels like every other person is suffering from anxiety. In modern days age doesn’t matter. People have anxiety about exams, jobs, work, personal life, professional life. 

Even though seeking mental help is important, analysis reveals that golfing can help combat mild or moderate depression. Playing golf can help you feel in control and make your brain active. It helps you forget the worries that make you anxious and suppress negative thoughts.

It is not essential that if you have depression or not but the mental and physical health benefits of playing this sport cannot be ignored. If you have not yet started playing golf, it’s never too late. It is a fun and healthy way to combat depression. Once you have started playing this sport, you’ll immediately see its positive effects on your mental health.