5 Fundraising Ideas For A Non-Profit

Raising funds for a cause that resonates with you is the best way to show your support and solidarity. Donating money to non-profit organizations that support Pine Ridge Indian Reservation or any other causes can make a huge difference, even more so if you encourage others to do the same. By starting a fundraising campaign, you can spread awareness and divert more attention to your chosen charity. The farther the reach, the greater the social impact. In the end, you can raise more money and create more ways-in for assistance toward your non-profit organization.

A great way to jumpstart your campaign is by launching it through a fundraising website. Reputable platforms, such as givebutter, give access to a wide range of fundraising tools and features that can be easily tracked through a centralized dashboard. This way, it’s easier to grow and collect donations for your cause.

These days, launching a fundraiser doesn’t require much. It’s an easy and worthwhile thing to do whether you’re a student, a full-time employee, or even if you’re unemployed. The real challenge, however, lies with choosing the right money-generating method. There are thousands of fundraising ideas out there, but not everything actually works. To help you decide, below is a short list of easy and fun campaigns that have high fundraising potential:

  • Face Mask Drive

The best fundraisers are the ones that not just simply asks for donations, but also gives incentives to those who are generous enough to help. This is why you can never go wrong with a donation-with-purchase. The proceeds go to your cause and the buyer gets to have a tangible proof of their donation. It’s a win-win situation!

If you’re wondering what item to sell, why not start with face masks? For one, they’re highly in-demand due to the current global health situation. These protective gears can be a profitable product for you and a functional purchase for your supporter. Again, it’s all about mutual benefit. It takes away the idea that “giving” means losing something. In fact, your supporter gains real-life benefits from making a donation-with-purchase.

To make it more fun, try customizing the face masks. For instance, print the name or logo of your non-profit organization, so people will know that it’s from your campaign. You can also print an inspirational quote or design that’s related to your cause.

  • Indoor Plant Sale

Trend is where the money is, so it’s always a smart move to follow it, even for fundraisers! Houseplants are all the rage these days, so having an indoor plant sale can generate a decent amount of revenue. It can be more profitable than other kinds of community sale—say, garage sale—wherein options are limited and product quality is not always ensured. You can diversify your selection and include non-potted plants to cater to a wider market. If possible, strike a partnership with a plant nursery or online plant seller so that you can buy wholesale at a discounted price. 

This idea will work best during springtime and summertime as many households are keen on beautifying their homes and gardens. There aren’t many nature-friendly fundraising campaigns out there, so this one will surely be special. 

  • Virtual Game Night

Game nights and tournaments are great for fundraisers because they amp up the fun factor. Most things can now be done online, so it’s possible to organize an event without having to worry about logistics. You just have to set a date and time, then choose the online platform that will host the game.

When choosing the game, it’s important to consider the non-profit organization you’re raising funds for. For instance, if the cause is focused on children, choose a mobile game that’s popular among the younger generation. Otherwise, you can go for timeless games that anyone can play, such as bingo. Bingo is very easy to set up as you just need to create templates for your participants. The rules are also very flexible, so you can change the format or rules to better fit the vibe you want to create.

To generate revenue, you can charge a registration fee for each participant. Alternatively, you can charge per round or period of playtime, depending on the game. Some of the revenue can be used for prizes to spice up the friendly competition.

With the right charities recruitment services to set you up, you’ll also find the help you need. Make sure you find people who will take the initiative to share your fundraiser campaign link on social media.

  • Online Benefit Concert

Music is always an effective way of bringing people together. If your charitable institution has musically talented members or volunteers, organizing a virtual concert should be easy. Otherwise, you can look for local musicians or bands to headline your event. You’ll find that many musicians are more than willing to donate their talents, especially if it’s for a good cause.

Organizing a virtual concert requires zero capital as there are many steaming platforms you can use for free. You can ask for donations from your viewers or simply charge an admission fee. The success of this type of fundraiser largely depends on the size of the crowd you’ll be able to draw, so make sure to advertise your event adequately. You can utilize your organization’s website and social media to maximize publicity. If the participating musicians have a decent following, you can also ask them to promote the event to their supporters.

While costs may be reduced compared with in-person concerts, as you can see there are still administrative complexities to overcome, so following a guide to making a fundraising plan will allow you to handle this event efficiently.

  • Photo Contest

The nice thing about a photo contest is that anyone can participate in it. Therefore, there’s no limit to how far your campaign can reach and the amount of funds you can raise. You can choose a specific category for the contest—quarantine life, nature, pets, etc.—and charge a small amount per photo submission. Traditionally, photo contest winners are determined by free online voting. You can put a twist to this by making donations the currency of voting. You can set a specific number of votes earned depending on the donation amount.

Purpose Above All

Asking strangers for donations is easy as long you know what inspires and drives people to share their blessings. In any act of kindness, what matters most is the heart behind it. So, it’s important to tailor your campaign around what tugs their heartstrings. Remember, your cause should always be front and center in every fundraising event.