3 Types of Tales You Can Always Read to Your Children

Tales can be interesting. You can read them to cheer yourself up when you are bored. Tales can give anyone a brain treat and the more reason you should make it a habit to read your children’s stories. Children who hear and read stories have a better understanding of the world and they better understand others. Any responsible, loving, and caring adult would want this for their children.  

These are the 3 types of tales you can always read to your children:

Animal Tales

These stories can be true or fictional. These stories often teach children about animals or have animals being the stories’ characters. In animal fiction stories, the world is viewed in a non-human eye. These stories are important for kids because they can help them learn about different animals and appreciate the roles animals play in our lives. You can read your children stories about pigs, dogs, and cats. Authors of children’s literature advise that you go for books about cat stories if you want to teach your children the importance of having cats and respecting them as part of the animals in the world we live in. These stories cannot be more relatable to your children. Such animal stories are usually short, lighthearted, fun, and sweet and can cheer your children up. Similarly, these stories about animals are easy for children to understand as they can draw the animals and even mimic these animals. You can get hard copy books with children stories or you can consider e-books as they are easily accessible and more convenient. Animal stories can help your children understand how society operates. For instance, you can read your children fiction tales of animals like hyenas which display acts of selfishness and ultimately end up suffering. From such stories, children can understand that people like animals are different but they are all important. You can help your children appreciate others better and accept them for who they are.  Trickster stories can help your children learn about religion. While some animals trick others so that they succeed at the expense of others, so do some people twist their religious views to include people they like and exclude those that do not belong to their religious factions. From such stories, you can then explain to your children that it is okay for people to have unique religious views but it’s wrong for people to use their beliefs to disadvantage others.

Fairy Tales 

Fairy tales are essential because they can help children relieve their deep fears. Fairy tales can help you teach your children about life and create some sense of imagination in them hence helping them to be highly creative. The imaginary experiences that children can derive from fairy tales can help shape their lives forever. They help children imagine things through fantasy and they will often innocently take up some challenges from the stories and work towards them when they are adults. Remember children are still developing and while fairy tales do not explain things in the present real world, the aspects, feelings, and consequences from these stories are usually real and can help teach your children to be responsible and respectful. Fairy tales can also help your children understand concepts that would otherwise be impossible to understand if they happened in the real world. The good versus bad fairy tales can help your children deal with uncertainties that would otherwise make them anxious. The bad stories also help children understand that there are wicked people on earth and one has to learn how to live with them anyway.


Parables are short stories that have a moral or religious lesson. While parables are not always true activities, they are based on reality and are told in a way that can help your children understand vital truths about human beings, religion, and relationships. Unlike other types of stories like animal tales, parables are not easy for your children to understand. However, from parables, your children can learn to be very imaginative. They can then interpret the parables based on their daily life experiences. As they grow in understanding, their interpretations of the parables also change, and by the time they are adults they can have a more profound and deeper interpretation of the parables read to them at childhood.

Tales are a good way to bond with your children. As you take time to read them stories, they feel loved and cared for. Besides, animal tales can also help your children learn about different animals and their characteristics. This way they can be good conservationists who appreciate nature. Fairy tales also teach your children about the good and the bad and teach them morality and responsibility. Parables can help your children become more imaginative and inquisitive as they digest and ponder the hidden meanings in the parables you read them. Sharpen your children’s brains by reading them stories.