6 Tips to Make Each of Your Kids Feel Special

Being a parent is a blessing, but it’s definitely not an easy task. There are many challenges that come with being a parent, one of them being dividing your attention between your children. Making sure no one feels left out, while also ensuring that they’re taken care of, and ultimately that they feel special, can be a struggle. You want to be the best parent you can be to all of them, so here are six tips to make each and every one of your kids feel special.

1. Be Affectionate

One of the best ways to make your children feel special is to show them that you care for them. There are different love languages, and your children might respond differently to each of them preferring one over the other, but physical affection is one of the most important ones you can give them as a parent. It teaches them to be affectionate and loving later in life. If you’re not much of a hugger, or if your children aren’t, you can talk to them and let them create their own boundaries. You can even create your own secret handshake, just try to remember them all!

2. Pay Attention To Their Interests

Your kids probably have a lot of varying interests, some of which might not make sense to you. But one of the best ways to ensure that they feel special and loved is that you ask them about their interests, and actually pay attention. Ask them questions and remember their answers!  If your kids are into superheroes, games, or different kinds of collectibles, you can make custom superheroes together. As seen at printingatoms.com/3d-printers/best-3d-printer-for-miniatures/, 3D printing toys have never been easier!  It’s loads of fun, and that way you can easily be a part of your child’s world, and make them happy. Those things might not be as interesting to you, but you paying attention means the world to your kids. If possible, also take part in their hobbies! 

3. Quality Time

There is a huge difference between spending time with your children, and spending quality time with your children, especially in this digital age we’re living in. It’s important to switch off your phone and any distractions and give them your full attention. Make eye contact with them to let them know you’re listening to what they’re saying. And once again, ask them questions! Even if you don’t have much time, sometimes 10 minutes of uninterrupted, quality time with your child is more than enough. 

4. Play With Your Kids

If your kids are young, showing them love through play is very important. Children learn the best through different kinds of play. That’s why playing games helps bring people together and is one of the easiest ways you can spend quality time with them. If your kids are a bit older, there are still ways for you to play with them, that could be interesting to you as well. There are different video and board games that are created for different ages that you can play together, just the two of you, or even take turns as a family! In any case, it can be a lot of fun, but it can be a great bonding moment between you.

5. Praise Them

Boosting your child’s self-esteem is crucial for many different reasons. In all honesty, children with low self-esteem might continue to feel this way all through their lives. It’s easy to slip into a habit of just noticing the bad behavior, and scolding your children, but make an effort to see when they’re doing something good and praise-worthy! Noticing their accomplishments, even if they’re small, and giving them praise for the things they do will make your kids feel proud and worthy, and boost their confidence, teach them to value themselves, as well as strengthen your bond.

6. Include Them In Your Routine

Our lives often fall into a pattern, there are so many things to do in a day, be it work, grocery shopping, soccer practice for your kids, etc. Let your kids take part in your routine and daily errands! Walk the dog with them, or make breakfast on the weekends with them. Making those parts of your day “your thing” with your kids will make them feel included and special. Your kids will surely remember those tiny traditions fondly when they grow up. 

Even though you might not always feel like you’re the best parent in the world, the most important thing is to try every day. There are good and bad parenting days for all of us. But actively trying to strengthen the bond with your kids is honestly all that matters!