Which Energy Supplier Is Best for 2022

The Australian energy market has become extremely competitive in the last decade. It has come to the point where there are so many offers of energy plans that the average person gets overwhelmed and rushes into buying the cheapest or the most expensive plan. Add a probable price drop in 2022 and it becomes almost impossible for a person to be able to take everything into consideration and choose the best deal possible. Here are a few energy suppliers that have the best reputation in Australia. 

Origin Energy

Origin Energy is the leading energy supplier in Australia. According to the experts at Electricity Monster, it got its reputation by having a variety of plans with great prices. It is in fact the cheapest energy provider out of the Big Three. They aim for affordability and sustainability in their dealings. Often, they offer bonuses for their loyal customers. Their most popular residential energy plan is Origin Go. 


Another company considered to be part of ‘The Big Three’ is AGL Energy. It is one of the largest and oldest energy providers in Australia. It doesn’t just offer energy services but it is also a telecommunication and utility company. AGL is the largest operator in the field of renewable energy. They deal with both residential and commercial energy supply. At the moment, they offer two residential deals, the more recommended of the two being the AGL Essentials energy plan.


The third biggest energy supplier is a company called EnergyAustralia. This company has done much for the green energy movement in Australia in the last few years. It has shifted its focus to natural energy sources and the experts at this company are working on forming affordable and eco-friendly energy plans. They have the great support of their users, due to their efforts to keep the relationship between the users and the company at the highest level.

ReAmped Energy

ReAmped Energy has recently made moves on the market by offering a plethora of some of the cheapest energy plans. It offers many great long term deals, as it requires you to pay in advance for the installment and then never have to think about it again. ReAmped Energy has been met with great approval which has enabled its rapid growth. It is already starting to be a big contender on the market, and who knows what they will be able to achieve in only a few years.

Elysian Energy

Elysian Energy offers energy plans in accordance with the size of your household. The great thing about making a deal with this company is that you wouldn’t need to pay any exit fees or contract terms. This means that you are in no way obliged to continue paying for their services if you are not satisfied after using them. You will get to select your estimated energy usage and then pay the set predetermined price.

Mojo Power

The popularity of Mojo Power is steadily rising due to the flexibility it offers. You can use the energy you need at any time with your rate staying the same. As a bonus, you also have the option of them installing a smart meter in your home. People at Mojo Power have put out plans that give you full freedom, control, and knowledge of your energy usage at all times. If you want the freedom to stop using their services whenever you see fit, it is possible without any further complications.

GloBird Energy

The advantage of GloBird Energy company is that you get a discount if you pay your energy bills on time. They also offer zero exit fees and energy usage flexibility. It is a relatively new company, which operates on a local level in Victoria. They are very popular and respected in the area and they value great customer service. It has won multiple awards since its foundation.


QEnergy is becoming quickly popular because they serve as advisors and consultants in addition to offering great energy plans at affordable prices. If you want to employ their services you need to keep a good credit score. However, it will pay off, as they offer the cheapest plans for the time being. Experts predict that the prices will be falling until 2022, but it could never be said for certain. The market is unpredictable so having a stable and cheap rate for your energy usage will potentially save you a lot of money.

There is no way to accurately predict the price movements in the future, so putting your trust in the supplier that is affordable and suits your needs could be of the utmost importance. Don’t sit and wait while your bills are becoming more and more expensive. Instead, take a look at all the offers and invest in the best one for you. Making a deal with these energy suppliers will pay off in the long run.