Tips for Buying Your First Record Player

Remember that feeling of playing an old vinyl record and being able to hold music in your hands before you put the needle on the vinyl? That’s a feeling that we may not be able to experience as a result of modern technological solutions for music players such as cassettes, MP3 players, and online streaming apps. Fortunately, we can still find nice turntables and record players on the market with amazing new features that help users regain that nostalgic vibe and find convenience in using their record players. If you are new to this, you’re probably hesitant about choosing the most fitting record player for your music preferences and convenience levels. The options out there make it hard to choose, we’re here to give you some useful tips on how to buy your first record player.

The Price 

The prices for record players range from 60 dollars to more than a thousand dollars for high-end models. So it’s best to decide on your budget before doing a lot of research and wasting your time. As a beginner, you will probably go for good models with hidden features that can be purchased at a modest price. While this is a good strategy, make sure you stick to a price range higher than a hundred dollars since most models below that price would lack quality. Record players under this range would be made of low-quality components that produce bad sound quality and don’t last long. To come up with a flexible budget before you go vinyl record player shopping, you can pick a record player brand and compare its different models to figure out your favorite features and functionalities. This will help you determine your preferences and look for similar models in the same price range.

System And Sound Quality

Looking for a record player probably means that you are looking for that old sound quality that gave the music a different feeling. This makes the sound quality in your record player the most important aspect. A high-quality record player would have the right stylus or needle, the right audio components, and the right materials, but how do you tell the quality of these facets? Make sure you do your research and find a handy resource that can tell you where to find the best brands and give you useful reviews and information about different vinyl record player models. This will help you land on the best stores and gain more knowledge about different audio components and quality materials used in making record players. After deciding your desirable features and systems, you will find it easier to compare different brands and find the record player that fulfills your musical needs.

Design and Needed Space

When introducing such a vintage touch to your home, you have to make sure it fits the theme of your interior design. For example, retro record players fit in most home interior designs, they come in unique styles that make them stand out between other models and record player designs. You also have to consider its size and how much space it’s going to take in your living room. Some turntables are luggable and can be put away after you finish playing music. There are even vertically mounted turntables that help in saving space and reducing that taken by your record player. Before buying a record player, make sure that you have enough room for it in your house and that it matches the style and design of your home’s interior. 

The Turntable’s Portability 

The portability of the record player is important to some people. If you get a portable vinyl record player, you will be able to play it in different rooms in the house and even take it to your friends’ houses and play its music at a party. Music is always better with a company, that’s why most people would go for portable turntables that come with handles and foldable locks that allow users to fold the record player and carry it like a suitcase. Some of these are even wireless record players that let you play them without connecting to electricity thanks to their rechargeable batteries. 

Vinyl record players are great for reliving old memories and enjoying music in a completely different vibe. Nowadays, they come with great features and technologies that allow users to enhance the quality of the sound they receive and play vinyl music anywhere they want. Some turntable models will let you connect them to a USB and play music from your phone or any other music platform depending on your preferences. Once you decide on the features you are looking for in a record player, hit the market and start comparing brands to make the right choice and land on that best deal.