Ultimate Gaming Guide: Everything You Need to Know

With all that’s going on in the gaming arena, from new platforms and designated apps, to the massive gaming community, it’s no wonder many new users are flooding the servers. It’s good to be a gamer, isn’t it? Though, not so much if you keep getting killed-off by the experts before you’ve gotten a taste of the game. On the other hand, if you’ve been a gamer for a while and are now witnessing the influx of newbies, you must be aching to score yourself some easy kills. This guide is for both types of gamers. You might say we’re playing both sides, but all kills and no deaths make Jack a dull boy, and so does the opposite.

Stop and Analyze

If you’re reading this, chances are, regardless of your current ranking and abilities, you’re looking to improve your gaming skills. We’ve found that the best way to go about this is to know where you’re currently standing. A common mistake that we often make is never looking past our desire to improve which is normal because many believe that improvement is all-inclusive. To achieve the best results, we invite you to look back on your last few games, quests, and campaigns. In addition, take a look at your next few. Analyze your style, note your strengths, and your weaknesses. Even taking notice of your thinking process can help you a great deal because sometimes the core problem isn’t in style or skills but in the approach itself. Once you’ve pinpointed the areas which you need and want to work on, you can start the process.

Use Your Opponents

We understand that constant dying and respawning is about as frustrating as a mosquito bite on your thumb, but give this next tip a chance. Unless it’s through sheer luck or an overpowered weapon, the person who defeated you had some upper hand over you. Rather than instantly surrendering to your anger, pour your focus into doing a quick recap and an active analysis. How did they win? Was it through a fault of your own or was it through a tactic they used? In either case, there’s a rewarding learning opportunity waiting for you to seize it. Don’t underestimate lower ranks, either. While you have a better chance of learning from the techniques of higher-ranking players, you also don’t want to miss out on anything you might learn from the up and comers.

Play Smart

Sometimes the best way to play isn’t to play hard, but to play smart. Think of those who labor at the gym seven days a week. They achieve some gains, but if you take a look at those who take a couple of days off, you’ll notice that they’re achieving the same gains without plateauing. In fact, the rest allows them to replenish and recover. There are resources all over the internet, especially for popular first-person shooter game hacks, that can make your life so much easier. By using the clever assist of some Rainbow Six Siege hacks, you can focus on improving the skills that really matter to you. Not only that, but you can also level up and make money faster which means better weapons and perks that will, in turn, help you improve at a much faster rate than without an assist. Even better, with the technological improvements and game popularity of today, many hacks now go completely undetected.


One can’t improve only through theoretical learning, you also need to practice and implement your knowledge during gameplay. Nevertheless, the key to quick and significant improvement is an active practice. It’s not just about playing a lot. It’s about how you play. Depending on the skill you need to improve, direct your attention, and hone your thought process. If you want to increase your headshot rate, for example, focus on controlling your wrist movements, your hand-eye coordination, and your approach towards each opponent. Combine this focused practice with the occasional analysis of your gameplay and, in no time, you will be one of the greats. 

By incorporating the points mentioned above, you’re guaranteed to notice a high rate of improvement. But, to boost that rate, even more, there are two things for you to keep in mind. First, don’t shy away from challenging yourself. Granted, a few losses will make a dent in your win/loss and kill/death numbers, but what do these matter? Ultimately, the challenge will better you as a player, in action and not on paper. Second, don’t hesitate to ask for feedback. If you play for a team, ask your members to pitch in with their thoughts on your gameplay. An outsider’s look will definitely show you a new side of things.