6 Ways to Renew your Car: All You Need to Know

Renewing your car registration is one of those chores that come every year in the state of California. Staying on top of your registration is important since driving unregistered can get you in trouble rather quickly. 

Fortunately, getting a renewal isn’t difficult. In fact, there are 6 ways you can do it, which leaves you with plenty of maneuvering space to beat the deadline and avoid long lines at the DMV. Here’s all you need to know about getting registration renewal in California. 

Head Over to the DMV 

Heading over to the DMV to get your registration renewed is still the main way of getting new stickers in California. All you need to do is get to your local DMV office, go to the appropriate counter, and present the person behind it with your renewal notice

However, there are 15 million cars registered in the state of California. No matter where you live and how remote your DMV is, chances are that it will be packed. There is arguably nothing worse than spending hours in a line, waiting to have your number called out. 

If visiting the DMV is the only way you can renew your registration, be sure to make an appointment ahead of time. 

Hire an Agency 

Although dealing with registration renewal isn’t complicated, chances are that you have something better to do with your time.

If that’s the case, hiring an agency to take care of your registration renewal could be the right move for you. Experts over at https://www.quickautotags.com/ say outsourcing the renewal process isn’t only faster, but it also reduces the lines at the DMV. You can skip the waiting, long lines, and having to deal with clerks. 

Once your registration has been renewed, you can either get your stickers mailed to you the next day, or you can go pick them up at the agency. Simple as that. 

Renewal by Mail 

As far as convenient renewal options go, renewal by mail sounds fairly straightforward on paper. All you need to do is pack your renewal notice along with the money necessary to cover the renewal and mail it to the DMV. 

Although this method allows you to skip all the waiting at the DMV, it’s neither fast nor secure. Renewal by mail used to be popular back in the day before the internet but is slowly being phased out. 

Registration Renewal by Phone 

Renewing your car’s registration by phone is possible in the state of California. To be eligible to use this service, you must make sure that there are no outstanding tickets or fees in your name. To get your renewal done, call the DMV and ask them for the appropriate number. They’ll point you to the automated telephone service line where you’ll be prompted to give your information. 

Make sure that your renewal identification number (RIN), your vehicle’s VIN, and your license plate number are all readily available when you make the call. 

Online Renewal 

The internet has completely changed the way we handle administration and bureaucracy these days. Most of the things that require in-person visits can now be done online. The same applies to vehicle registration renewal in the state of California. 

That being said, you need to check if you’re eligible to use this service. The process is similar to renewing the registration by phone. You’ll need the same information, only you’ll be filling out online forms instead of dealing with an automated phone system. 

Use an SST  

California DMV has a number of self-service terminals or SST spread out in various locations around the state. These machines allow you to scan your documents, pay for services, and get paper receipts as proof that your transaction was successful. 

You can use an SST to renew your car’s registration without having to go to an actual DMV, deal with lines, and spend hours waiting. That being said, an SST can also be crowded depending on where you live and which location you’re visiting. 

Start Thinking About Registration Renewal on Time 

Renewing your vehicle’s registration is one of those things that often creeps up on you, leaving you with a few days to react. Try to set up reminders that will give you plenty of time to get this done without rushing. 

Always try to have any tickets or traffic violations paid as any outstanding fees mean you’ll need to head over to the DMV in person. Overall, the whole registration renewal process doesn’t have to be stressful if you prepare.