Targeted New Economic District Expected To Improve Infrastructure At Wye West of Missoula

Data from Missoula’s Development Services Office reveals that building permits worth $117 million have been issued in Missoula during the first six months of 2020, according to Missoulian. Missoula County officials have established a new economic district situated near Wye. The ultimate goal of this targeted economic development in the region is to capture tax increment. The funds will finance the improvement of infrastructure, which will later attract new business activities.

The city’s lack of infrastructure includes unpredictable water supply, unpaved roads, poor pedestrian accessibility, and a flawed drainage system. The county’s director of development, Dori Brownlow, said, “I think the first thing we’ll do is study and look at the drainage system out there.” He adds, “You need curbing and drainage to improve the roads. We’ll need to include Missoula Water into the discussion, and we’ll be bringing all that back up when creating a plan.” Here’s what industrial construction entails. 

Planning And Designing 

This phase entails finding and assessing ideal locations for commercial property, pre-designing structures, and introducing general contractors and architects. Architects then team up with contractors to create detailed plans for future industrial buildings in the design phase. This step is vital for ensuring contractors and architectural experts maintain effective communication. With the help of skilled professionals, you can rest assured your designs meet the region’s building codes and requirements.


During this phase, general contractors and designers prepare a list of construction materials and send them to different vendors requesting quotes. Project managers gather at least three quotes, which they use to establish a budget analysis and choose the most affordable vendor. Some of the most utilized building materials include steel, wood, concrete, and stone. Contractors also require titanium sheets for roofing and building sleek and sophisticated walls. Unlike other metals, titanium sheet plates provide appealing aesthetics while maintaining strength and durability.

Procurement And Construction

The procurement phase involves purchasing building materials, renting or buying equipment, and hiring laborers. After purchasing the required materials and hiring the right workers, construction work begins from the ground up, depending on the facility’s design and functionality. There are many activities involved in the construction process, such as site excavation, installing underground utilities, foundation building, steel erection, framing, and interior design. 

Industrial development is the key to economic growth in any region. However, it involves many processes, including planning and development, procurement, designing, and construction. To achieve successful outcomes, developers must assess the projects’ economic feasibility beforehand, follow the right processes, and hire the right contractors.