How To Prepare Your Home For Harsh Winter Conditions

Home maintenance, especially before extreme weather, is a must. You need to make sure your home is ready for heavy snow and rainstorms before the winter, and it is able to keep you warm through snow blizzards. Last winter showed everyone that we are never prepared enough. Some minor repairs should always be considered before heading into the colder months, after all, it’s better than paying for the repair of any damage that results from winter’s extreme weather. If you want to prepare your home for a comfortable and cozy winter, read the following tips on how to get ready for the harshest months and battle those winter weather conditions. 

Preventing Heat Loss

Start by lagging your pipes, especially the plastic ones, to reduce any heat loss as much as is possible. You might also want to check your heating system to see if it needs a heating repair. These systems are built to live as long as 15 years, but checking them once a year before a harsh season is always a good idea. Change your filters before winter too. Try to look for an annual maintenance agreement and have a heating repair contractor inspect your heating system to check if it is going to be able to provide you with heat throughout the whole winter. Invest in some foam insulation tubes and place them on the pipes in your home. It’s better to just make sure everything is working properly before winter before the weather conditions get so bad that you are not going to be able to perform regular repairs on your heat appliances.

Make Sure Your Chimney is Clean

It’s better to get that fireplace checked and swept before lighting any fires in it in the winter. Winter conditions can damage a chimney faster than anything else, and, if possible, check out these additional hints and get the chimney examined or inspected before winter. A chimney that is kept properly clean also allows for a more thorough and efficient burn. If you find a good chimney sweep company, they will be able to make sure the fireplace is safe to use and can give you a guide on how to run maintenance on your chimney. This is also the perfect time to stock up on wood. Make sure you stack enough wood for lighting the fireplace throughout the whole winter and keep the wood in a safe place away from the house, such as the backyard, to protect it from rotting. This will save you a lot of time in the winter when going out and getting firewood will not be as easy. If you find something wrong while cleaning, you can also contact a Chimney Repairing service.

Use Spray Foam Insulation

SPF is used to seal cracks and gaps in the walls and roof of a house. It is a chemical product that is capable of controlling the temperature inside a home along with the moisture and air circulation. It may be more expensive than regular heat insulation systems, however, it will last for a very long time and is much more cost-efficient in the long run. SPF creates air barriers that help to reduce moisture infiltration and reduce mold growth. It works as an all seasons insulation system and can live for up to 50 years if maintained well. SPFs help in preventing heat from entering in the summer and capture it in the winter to provide you with warmth in the colder months. It is also very flexible since it can be sprayed on any surface, even irregularly shaped roofs. 

Make Sure Your Outdoor Lighting is Clean and Works

The first thing you need to do when it comes to your outdoor lighting is to make sure it is clean. It will be harder to clean in the winter, so plan to do it ahead of time. Shut the power to your unit first and grab a chair to get a good look above your garage or your doorway, and make sure the lightbulbs are clean and working fine. If your electricity box is covered with snow during the winter, it might not operate well. Get it checked before winter to stay on the safe side and avoid electricity outages. 

Protect Your Attic 

Birds and squirrels usually find shelter in attics, as they are perfect warm homes for such animals in the winter when it gets cold. These unexpected guests can do a lot of damage to your home and possibly your health. Make sure the trees around your house are trimmed in the winter and close all the venting outlets to your attic. Walk around your home to ensure there are no holes in your walls that can allow a small animal to enter. 

Being prepared is better than being sorry. Snow is going to be a big problem for most people. This is why preparing for snow removal is the best thing to do when it comes to looking towards a comfortable winter. It’s time to find that old snowblower and make sure it’s still working. Winter is usually the hardest season to prepare for, but it’s all worth the effort when you have less to stress about during the cold season.