How Salesforce Works and Why Your Company Needs It

When it comes to finding the right Customer Relationship Management system, otherwise known as a CRM, for your business, then you want to find the best out there that will integrate with both your sales team and your customer service team. 

There are many things to seek out when looking for the right CRM platform, including ease of integration and the features provided. One of the top platforms used around the world is Salesforce. Salesforce is a CRM platform that helps your business by integrating all facets of your business into one platform. This includes the integration of marketing, commerce, sales, customer service, and your IT teams together to provide unified responses and higher customer satisfaction. 

How Does Salesforce Work? 

Salesforce works by using an integrated CRM platform that will connect all teams and apps together to create a suite of synchronicity. It gives your business the opportunity for your team to focus less on administrative tasks such as utilizing time to enter each new lead or copying and pasting emails from a server to a CRM platform and creates the automated integration of all of your systems into one single suite. 

How Is Salesforce Used By Businesses

Salesforce is used for many aspects of your business communications and functions. First off, it is used to engage customers. Salesforce is used by your marketing team in order to create templates, email templates, and automated emails that can be sent out to your customers on a scheduled basis. This automates the process for your marketing team while giving them the opportunity to use their creativity in ways that they couldn’t before when their time was taken up by adding in customer information or looking up their product interests. 

Salesforce is used to sell more in a smarter and faster way.  It benefits your sales team in numerous ways. First, it is integrated with your email server which automatically integrates emails into the system, saving your sales team both time and money. It also provides scheduled reminders to call clients and gives lists of tasks that the sales team needs to do. Everything within Salesforce can be scheduled, including personalized sales responses that can be sent directly to the client after an inquiry. 

Businesses can also use this tool to integrate eCommerce that can be used towards creating and integrating a shopping platform that is both easy to use and engaging at the same time.  It is also possible to integrate and connect this system with every other department making for seamless transitions from sales to customer service to the retention of your clients. 

Benefits of Salesforce

Salesforce is also used to aid in excellent customer service as it helps to relieve customer service issues or complaints in a faster and more efficient manner. It also unifies all responses, whether through phones, emails, or even text messages, creating high customer retention rates. It also integrates customer service emails from your server into the platform so any customer service representative can easily read the correspondence from the client or customer at any given time. This creates smoother interactions with customers while aiding in customer retention. Email templates and surveys can also be created and scheduled for customers within a given timeframe of their purchases. 

Salesforce allows you to do remote work with connectivity. When your system is integrated with this tool, it gives your staff the ability to connect to any part of your CRM that is needed while working remotely. This is especially beneficial during these times where most employees are going remote or working from home. This can be done by new leads being integrated into the CRM and are accessible by all departments. This can also be done by automating many processes and making them all accessible digitally at the same time. Salesforce also uses AI, or artificial intelligence, in order to recommend steps for clients or potential customers.

With all of the benefits of using Salesforce, there is a reason that it is the number one CRM platform in the world. There are many ways to start or try out this CRM platform. First, you can watch an overview of all of the features of Salesforce in order to determine if it meets your needs and will integrate with what you want to grow your business. You can also watch demos in order to see more of the features in-depth. After that,  there are free trials in which you can integrate it into your system to see how it works for you and your time on a day to day basis.