4 Compelling Reasons to Get a Lizard as Your First Pet

There is a huge misconception that lizards can’t be good pets, but this is completely false.  Lizards can make wonderful pets,  it just depends on the species and living situation. As is the case with all pets, you should choose a lizard that you’ll be most comfortable living with, one that you can tame easily. Many reptiles can be good domestic animals to keep inside your home, and they can bond with their owners just like any other pet. If you want more proof of this, then read on to learn 4 compelling reasons that can convince anyone to get a lizard as their first pet.

1. Fewer Allergies 

Having reptiles as pets will lead to fewer allergies. They do not shed any fur or pet dander, making them an excellent choice for people who are easily triggered by specific allergens. The most common pet allergies are from cats or dogs because our immune system mistakes their dander or fur for a harmful substance. This makes your body itch or develop severe skin rashes. Other pet allergy symptoms include a runny nose, asthma, and eye irritation. Reptile pet owners won’t have to worry about getting in contact with allergens because lizards do not shed anything that can trigger allergies. This makes them wonderful companions at home if you wish to have a pet but are allergic to dogs or cats.

2. Excellent Choice for Beginners

These animals can be an excellent choice for beginners, even more so than other pets. Most species have fewer care requirements than dogs or cats. Besides being low-maintenance, they can make great pets for beginners because they love interacting with humans. Most reptiles are good-natured, and they genuinely like bonding with humans once they feel comfortable at home. Bearded dragons and geckos are the highest on the beginner list because they can be easily tamed and they mostly have a calmer disposition, compared to other species. Just make sure to get the appropriate leopard gecko tank for your pet.

Make sure to look for more information about the habitat requirements for your reptilian companion so that you can make them feel comfortable and safe in their new home. Caring for these lovable pets will not be tedious, as they won’t need constant grooming. The only downside of keeping lizards is having to dispose of their droppings, but that’s the case with pretty much all pets.

3. They’re Suitable for Kids 

A nice reptilian companion can be very good with kids, making them a suitable and safe choice. They have a calm temperament and they always perk up in the presence of kids, as they get extra curious and want to seek their attention quite often. This is one of the most compelling reasons for pet owners because the safety of their kids is the number one priority. Having them as a pet will always make you feel calm about leaving them with your children. They have a loving and affectionate nature, making them safe for your kids to carry or put on their lap. Your reptilian friends can form strong bonds with your children and they would never hurt them in any way. Make sure you teach your children how to handle and carry them safely.  

4. Not Noisy

Another excellent reason why pet owners should get a lizard is that they’re not noisy at all. Compared to the commonly chosen choices, they don’t make any sounds like cats or dogs. Some areas might not allow pets because of the nuisance they make from barking or meowing, making it difficult for you to enjoy the perks of owning pets at home. This reason is appealing for people who live in apartments, decreasing the chances of possible conflicts with neighbors. Overexcited pets can cause enough commotion to have the police sent to your doorstep. Some regions in the world have strict laws when it comes to disturbances and loud noises. If you have a Gecko, Bearded Dragon, or even a Tegu, you won’t have any issues with your neighbors or the police. They are lovable, cheerful, sociable, and completely silent.   

Every pet owner should make their home accommodating for their beloved companion to ensure that they feel safe and happy, and lizards are no different. You should be prepared and willing to make the necessary changes that can make your reptilian friend comfortable. However, before you bring one home, be sure to check your state or country’s regulations regarding pet laws. There might be certain restrictions to specific types or species of lizards that you’re not allowed to keep as pets. It’s better to be safe than sorry, so make sure you do your research to avoid paying large fines. All in all, lizards can be great companions that will enrich your life at home.