Game-Changing Solutions For Complex Car Repair Problems

Trends in the automotive industry could be the solution to modern-day car issues but some critics are suggesting otherwise. You’ll be surprised to note the huge developments that have taken place in just a short span of time. You now have Tesla vehicles that are automated for self-drive. Cars that existed years back were much simpler and they were easy to fix. The same, however, cannot be said about modern cars and their common auto repair issues. For this and more, below are game-changing solutions for complex auto body repair problems. 

3D Engine Block Printers

Among the many issues that are so common among car owners have to do with engine problems. If you’ve recently noticed your car overheating, gray smoke from the hood, or poor engine performance, then chances are that your engine block has a crack. 

While it could be hard to tell, especially if you are not a DIYer, some professionals could help to pinpoint the exact engine block issues. In accordance with the guys at, you don’t need to buy a new engine as there are solutions that could help resolve issues with a cracked engine block. You could enlist the help of expert mechanics to have the engine block printed with advanced 3D printers and have it restored with the manufacturer’s specifications. As if this is not enough, they’ll go a step further to provide you with insights on how to take care of your engine. That having been said, below are common signs you have a cracked engine block. They include: 

  • Poor engine performance
  • Oil mixing
  • A smoking engine
  • The engine Overheating 

Lateral And Torsional Vibration Analysis

The gearbox helps to transfer power from the engine down to the wheels. Without the gearbox, your car is immobile. This is a car component that is prone to wear and tear, especially when neglected. Among the simple things you could do to improve the gearbox’s performance include selecting the right gearbox lubrication and ensuring that it’s replaced on a timely basis. Today, you have transmissions that are incorporated with the engine (automatic gearboxes) and these could prove to be tough nuts to crack whenever there are issues with the gearbox. 

Now, the gearbox could generate vibrations that can be minor and in some instances, disturbing. There are various ways this could hurt your car’s performance while at the same time, have an effect on your comfort levels as well as ruin your driving experience. Luckily for you, there are various ways vibrations from your gearbox could be analyzed to determine healthy gearbox vibrations from unhealthy ones. You’ll need to take your car to professional mechanics to have this issue sorted out. 

Onboard Car Diagnostics (OBD)

If you are an avid car DIYer, then chances are that these tools could come in handy in helping you fix complex car problems. You now have every reason to delight in self-diagnostic tools that are in so many ways the best investments to have if you are a car owner. These are the same tools used by professional mechanics when fixing various issues with your car. The thing is, maintaining your car’s performance, especially a modern car, requires you to know the various aspects affecting performance, running costs, and overall health of your car. Among the benefits of having an on-board diagnostic tool include:

  • Accurate diagnostics of potential car issues
  • Real-time information on car problems even the most complex ones
  • You’ll achieve better engine performance in just a few minutes
  • Insights on how to fix various onsite cylinder repair and mechanical problems ailing your car
  • Effective vehicle monitoring and diagnosis

Nevertheless, you’ll be required to know of the car trouble codes as most of the car issues will be denoted as codes on the self-diagnostic tools. This information is freely available online meaning that you’ll need to conduct extensive research on the same. In addition to this, you’ll need to invest in just the right type of onboard self-diagnostic tool. 

Improved Car Aerodynamics

Never has this subject proved to be effective in car maintenance as in this day and age. Aerodynamics used to be a topic only related to air crafts but it’s now being applied in the motor vehicle industry. And you know what? It has helped to improve performance and in enhancing fuel economy. Wind resistance is among the things that could damage the engine because your engine is always forced to work harder when driving against wind currents. Today, roof racks are designed in such a way that reduces drag. 

There you have it. The above are various complex car problems and how modern technology has helped to fix them. If you are driving a modern car, there are higher chances that you have experienced these problems. The best thing is that you could have them fixed by consulting professional mechanics.