6 Effective Ways to Grow Your Business This Year

This year has certainly been a tumultuous one. Businesses have been facing closure across the world; a global recession is on the horizon, and ordinary people’s lives have been irrevocably affected. It is clear that the SARS-CoV-19 pandemic will have implications that will stay with us for a generation, both financially and in our personal lives. Still, notwithstanding the global financial difficulty for which the SARS-CoV-19 pandemic was the catalyst for, and notwithstanding the mass unemployment, you still can grow your business this year, and can still make an absolute fortune.

Now, with the help of this page, you will discover six effective ways to help your business grow during these troubling economic times. With motivation, determination, and all of the points on this list, you will be able to grow your business overnight into one that is hugely successful.

Here are six effective ways to grow your business this year.

Employee Exercises

If you already have a business and your employees are working remotely, you may be noticing they are suffering from a lack of productivity or motivation. A lack of motivation can be very problematic and can be a detriment to the success of your company. To combat this, employ a series of employee exercises and training strategies that will serve to motivate them, as well as teach them the importance of determination and teamwork. During these troubling times, the most important thing for your team to be doing is making sales – sales are the lifeblood of your company and will keep you afloat while others are drowning. Sales enablement programs, which are programs designed to aid your team in improving sales, as told by the specialists from SalesHood.com, can help your sales to explode when used correctly and planned properly. Using a wide range of employee exercises and strategies is key to your business succeeding and overcoming its market rivals.


With everyone spending a lot more time indoors, social media usage is absolutely skyrocketing. Marketing your products through social media and online right now will be a guaranteed way to draw interest in your business and gain yourself new clientele and customers. The internet, at the moment, is a veritable goldmine. So many people are constantly browsing the internet, which means that you will be able to get people’s attention with relative ease. Ordinarily, while people would still be online, they would be rushing to do what they are doing and ignoring distractions [as they have little time outside of work and study], but now, with no studying. No work, you can catch their attention and find yourself, new customers.


Your business website is a very important factor in growing your business. If your website is of poor quality, it is hard to use and isn’t interactive, you will find that your would-be digital customers lose interest immediately. We live in the 21st century – which is arguably an age dominated by technology. It is because of this, the so-called ‘digital age,’ that it is essential you have an interactive website for internet users to find and develop an interest in. You can design your own website using online web-builders – or you can hire a professional web designer for a more unique and tailored experience.


Strategizing and developing business forecasts and plans are another way in which you can develop and grow your business. You can hire a business planner to do all of this for you – or if you are marketing-minded, you can do it yourself. Strategizing is essential to success – you will find not a single business that has achieved greatness has not, at some point, developed and used a marketing and business strategy and plan.


SEO is a form of marketing but is unique in its qualities, hence its separate subheading. It works by manipulating Google’s algorithm to rank a website [yours] at the top of Google’s search listings, meaning your competition will [hopefully] appear below you in the search listings. SEO is very effective and has taken off successfully – growing into its own massive online industry. There are very few businesses in our age who do not, or have not, used SEO to their advantage.


Expanding your business can see it grow massively. Most people find a niche, get comfortable, then stay there. However, expanding will be very beneficial to you and will help your business develop and grow in ways you couldn’t have imagined. There is a huge demand for PPE right now [personal-protective equipment], for example, so expansion into healthcare and PPE could benefit you.

With the help of this page, you now know a few methods in which you can incorporate to help your business grow. Growing your business is crucial. If you stagnate, you will die; many businesses have fallen to the wayside during this pandemic, and only by pushing on and forcing growth will you succeed and survive.