Ultimate Guide To Creating a Confirmation Invite


One of the most essential sacraments of initiation, the confirmation as its name implies, creates a strong faith bond between Catholic and the religion. The spiritual persons are considered to be the posessor of the holy spirit.

Whether you are planning a confirmation event for your own self or planning it for your little one, You have to create a confirmation invite for the guests. So, to honor the event and to entertain the guests with all the pre-requisites (including a reception) will make it easier for them to cover all of the mass etiquettes.

So, let’s see what confirmation rite is all about and how to create a confirmation invite.

Strengthening Relationship to Christ

The sacrament of confirmation is an ancient Roma catholic rite and has been practicing by Catholics for centuries. The basic meaning of confirmation is referred to as strengthening or bonding to contracts.

Confirmands are especially for the children who are not in their adulthood, as they are fully ready to get walk-in adulthood and now make promises to the church to get pure bounded with it. It is the ideal thing done after Baptism as when your soul is washed out and now it’s ready to be represented as a holy spirit (Represented as Dove).

There are not pushing, they can freely accept Christianity and get committed to their words throughout their upcoming life.

It is one of the most-religious and respectful events in the Catholic rites, so it needs to be celebrated well and to make it cherish for years, has a hand on creating confirmation invites, and also create first communion invitation, as it is the immediate next thing after confirmation.

Why are confirmation invite important and how to create an attractive one?

It’s your little one confirmation and you’re desperately looking ways to make it fascinating yet planning to design an attractive confirmation invite but don’t know where to start. No need to worry about it because we’re here especially to help you with it and make you create it more attractively.

It is not an occupying task but yet time-consuming one, to save your precious time while managed to create sumptuous and minimalistic.

Creating invitations not only means inviting people for the event but also to provide them a sort of information like about the mass etiquette of the event and what’s it’s all about.

As the confirmation is really a sacred event in the list of Catholic Religious events and necessary to celebrate 1st communion invitation. In this guide, we’ll process through a series of steps that are similar for even Designing first communion invitations.

●      Choose the Right Design

Spend a little bit of your time on selecting a layout. Many attractive confirmation invite templates are out there to help you make an invitation.

While creating a layout or working on a prebuild-template just try to add your own designs on it give it a distinctive look and add the above things to make a full layout.

  • Clip Arts
  • Photograph (Recommended)
  • Reception
  • Date
  • Celebration Title
  • Essential Information

There is not a perform pattern of creating such invitations but you can style it on your own, it’s all depend on how creative and passionate you are.

For first communion invitations, the layout will be similar, you’ve just changed the descriptions related to it and give it a more thematic design.

So, After getting the idea to start it, the pointer stuck at a point that which software is used to make it. You can also make it on a sheet at home but to make it more attractive while saving money and time, using digital technology is beneficial.

●      Software to Create Fascinating Invitations

There are different software’s available for designing your first communion invitations with the different functional features, featured by the specific software.

The most common of them is the MS-Word, a software for documentation also featured with technicalities to provide you all the tools to make a good invitation card and cover.

Thanks to Microsoft’s new MS-Word is embedded with numerous features and also contains lots of templates, just search for it and try changing in it.

There is also similar and better Software but MS-Word is the Basic and easiest of all.

  • Adobe Illustrator (Advance Graphic Design Software)
  • Adobe Sparks
  • Canva (Mobile App)
  • Island (Mobile App)

And many similar apps are available.