6 Tips for Keeping Your Dog Happy and Healthy

It is important to be a responsible owner by keeping your dog as happy and healthy as possible. For most people, dogs are a part of the family, and we do everything we can to look after them. Here are some top dog care tips to help you take care of your beloved pet:

1.     Nutrition

For dogs to be healthy, they need to be on a nutritionally balanced diet. Avoid feeding them from your plate as this can encourage over-eating and lead to obesity. Feed them appropriate portion sizes at scheduled times throughout the day. The type of food you choose might vary depending on your individual dog’s needs. For example, puppies will require different levels of nutrition when compared to senior dogs. Some health conditions and dietary requirements may also affect your dog’s recommended diet. For dogs with some kinds of heart conditions, you will want to use a low sodium option. Hypoallergenic food may also be necessary. Consult your vet if you need further nutritional advice.

2.     Exercise

As well as a good diet, exercise is essential. Regular walks should be included in every dog’s daily schedule. The amount they need may vary depending on the size and breed of your dog. Not only does walking provide dogs with exercise and a chance to go to the toilet, it also gives them a chance to do what is natural to them. This can include taking in lots of different scents and socializing with other dogs. You should ideally give them a chance to run off-lead too, as they will get much more exercise off-lead.

3.     Comfort

Dogs need their own personal space, somewhere quiet and comfortable that they feel safe. This gives them a chance to rest undisturbed and can be calming for them. If you have kids, make sure they know not to disturb your dog when they are in this space. Set up a comfortable bed and perhaps a soft toy if they have a favorite one.

4.     Companionship

Dogs form close bonds with their owners and families. They are dependent on you and will enjoy being in your company. Not every dog likes to sleep on your lap or wants regular fuss and attention but being by your side is something all dogs enjoy. Remember to spend time giving them attention each day and playing with their favorite toys. It is also not good to leave your dog alone all day, if you must be out all day to work, hire a dog walker or pet-sitter.

5.     Healthcare

It is a good idea to have routine checkups with your vet, this will help ensure any problems are spotted early. Keep up to date with vaccinations, as this will keep your dog protected from deadly diseases. You should also keep up with regular flea and worming treatments too.

6.     Dental Care

Other things you can do from home, include taking care of your dog’s teeth. Dental appointments at the vets can cost a lot, so preventative treatment will help avoid some of these costly treatments. If you can get your dog used to teeth-brushing as early as possible, it will make the process much easier. Make sure you are using a dog-toothpaste so that it is safe for your dog. You can also find chewable toys that help to clean your dog’s teeth, as well as different dog chews.

Finally, one of the most important ways to keep your dog happy and healthy, is by providing them with love. Pay attention to their needs and take them to the vets when you notice any problems. Give them food and fresh water, exercise, and plenty of attention. Happy dogs are ones that are loved by their owners!