How to Find the Most Reliable Lawyers

You will likely need a lawyer’s help at some point in your life, whether it’s to help you deal with a personal injury claim, resolve business issues, plan your estate, etc. By hiring a good lawyer, you will be saving more money than if you were to handle the complicated case yourself. Lawyers are trained to find, collect, and use evidence for their clients’ good. They can even challenge evidence presented by the other party, if applicable. They know the law well, and they know how to use it to tell your story in the best way. The bottom line is there are endless reasons why you need to hire an attorney. If you want to know how to find the best lawyers, check out the following guide. 

1. Ask Around

We all have a network of people we know, and each person in our network has a social circle of their own. So why not utilize your social connection and ask everyone you know if they can recommend good, reliable lawyers! Start with people who are willing to make an effort to ask everyone they know, and then ask those who have a big social circle. That way, you will have a better chance of getting good recommendations. It’s important to specify what type of lawyer you require, depending on your case. If one of your relatives or friends are lawyers themselves, but they specialize in a different field, you can ask them to recommend their peers. Remember, you need more than word of mouth to ensure that a lawyer is trustworthy.

2. Do Your Research

Researching works, whether you have recommendations from people you know or not. If your efforts were fruitless, then you can look online for potential lawyers to hire. If you’ve already found a few names, start researching them to ensure they have a good reputation. According to the Greenville-based legal team at, you need to learn as much as you can about the person you intend to hire to represent you. Using the internet is a good way to know more about different lawyers. There are many online lawyer databases where you can get information on lawyers, including where they work, whether they have disciplinary records, and also reviews on them. Another option is to check the lawyers’ directory in your area. 

3. Check Publications and Law Magazines

You can find big names of famous lawyers on billboards and TV ads, but this doesn’t always mean they’re good lawyers. A good reputation can be confirmed by judges and peers. You can find highly recommended lawyers in national publications and law magazines. These lawyers were probably chosen because of their skills, work ethics, and how they treat their opponents. You want a lawyer who builds a good relationship with everyone. Their work ethics will tell you a lot about them, including how they will handle your case. 

4. Meet Up for a Consultation 

Many lawyers offer the first consultation free of charge; this is where you meet the person who will potentially represent you for months or even years to come. The first impression is very important for you to make a decision. You have to get along relatively well and be on the same page. They have to listen to you attentively, but if they claim that they can win your case right away, that means they’re not very reliable. 

They have to read more about your case and take a look at the evidence before they can make an assessment. Obviously, if they sound like they’re clueless or unsure, this means that they are not very good. They should have experience with cases similar to yours and should be able to accurately assess your legal situation. There are important questions you have to ask them, too. 

Questions to Ask:

  • Do they have experience in cases like yours? If they do, what were the outcomes? 
  • How long have they been practicing the law? 
  • You should also never shy away from asking about fees. How much do they get paid? Is it in installments or a lump sum? 
  • Have they been subject to disciplinary action before? 
  • Lastly, you should ask them if they have time for you. Can you contact them anytime to ask questions regarding your case? Can they dedicate adequate time to your case?

Picking a lawyer isn’t an easy task; it requires time and diligence. Make sure you find a reliable attorney and file your claim before the statute of limitations. Your lawyer should have enough experience to know how to handle your case. They should be honest and transparent with you, and they should always know how to give bad news and good news alike. Conduct thorough search and think well before you make your choice.