Free Tools for Guessing Words Easily

With a lot of time spent indoors as a consequence of global lockdowns imposed by our governments to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus, many people have turned toward word-guessing games. Games such as Scrabble and online crosswords have skyrocketed in popularity, and many people are finding great enjoyment, and great solace, in them. This page will tell you a few free tools for guessing words easily so that you can one-up your competitors and become the champion of whatever game it is that you have chosen to play during this period of lockdown. It is important, as it always is with any game, to have good sportsmanship. You should not cheat and use word-guessing tools to your advantage so you can beat your competition in word-guessing games, and rather, show some mettle, and win without any need for cheating or deception.

Here are some free tools for guessing words easily.

Unscrambling Services

Word unscrambling services are the go-to for most games where you have a series of letters to arrange, but simply cannot. Unscrambling services can be of great benefit for this, and whether you are playing hangman or Scrabble, you can always come out on top. Unscrambling services are very easy to use and all is required of you is to key in the series of letters and a series of words (as many as can be formed) will be rearranged. Any game that requires a letter unscramble can quickly be won by using one of these services – although as mentioned in the introduction – you must only use these services when the game permits and you must not use them illegally, lest you become a cheat. A great way to use these without breaking the rules of any games you are playing is to play against yourself and use them to build your vocabulary. Building your vocabulary will ensure that when you do find a series of letters that need to be rearranged, you will be able to quickly come out on top and trump your competition.

Translation Services

There exists, in abundance on the internet, translation services designed to help students learn foreign languages. Discover how you can learn Serbian online with Ling App. These services will act as a web plug-in and when you install it, it will translate every single word on the page into foreign languages, with the best services offering twelve translations. If you are trying to learn a foreign language so that you can play guessing games with people from a different country, translation services are definitely one of the best ways to go about doing it and can also improve your vocabulary and help you to conquer a foreign language.

Visual Thesaurus

Visual thesaurus services work by having you simply key in a series of letters, the thesaurus will then offer you a bunch of words that match, then other words that mean the same things as the words that have shown up (synonyms). This is an awesome way to win at word-guessing games – and improve your vocabulary. Visual thesauruses have become very popular in recent years and can be used to great effect in most word-guessing games – as well as improving your vocabulary and helping you to learn any language better than you already do. Check out a visual thesaurus today.

Visual Dictionary

A visual dictionary is a more simplified version of a visual thesaurus. It will not offer you synonyms, but just the words that match up with the series of letters you have input, as well as the definitions for these words. Visual dictionaries are a fantastic way for you to learn many different words and improve your vocabulary, as well as win on online word-guessing games (or offline word-guessing games). Visual dictionaries can be downloaded as plug-ins on your web browser or can be accessed as a separate service altogether. If you want to win every single game you play or just learn as many words as you possibly can, then a visual dictionary is certainly the best option for you. These services are often free and do not require a subscription or payment, although some may do. If you want to know every word that it is for you to possibly know – get a visual dictionary today!

Word Clouds

Word clouds are very similar to unscrambling services. You key in a series of letters from which you cannot find a word, and the word cloud will create a cloud chart with all of the different words that can be made from that word.

Now, with the help of this page, you know some free and easy to use tools that can aid you in guessing words for your guessing games. Word-guessing games are very popular right now, so why not give them a go if you have not already?