Why You Want to Score Well on the SAT

Students are frequently motivated to take SATs and do good on that exam. The upfront investment on time, effort, and sometimes money can make you question why is it important to put in the work for these exams. The following are some obvious and not too obvious reasons why getting good marks on SATs is something you’d end up wanting:

Better Scholarship Package

There are two major types of financial aid that you can get for your college education: Merit-based and Need-based. The former provides the student funding ranging from $1,000 to over $200,000 to cover the full tuition with boarding, books, and a stipend. But what does it have to do with SAT scores? Your score in the exam is closely tied to your chances in getting that scholarship package mentioned. How closely tied are the scores to the scholarship grant? Well, scoring an average of 1430 and over in your SAT exams can get you awarded a scholarship of over $40,000 which could reach up to the excess of $171,000 in 4 years. So if you want to better prepare for the SAT you should get the best prep-books to help you score well. Because the better you do on the exams, the greater is the aid afforded to you.

Better Chances in Getting In Preferred School

This one is a pretty clear reason why you’d want to get good marks on your SAT – acceptance odds. The better you do on your exam is the better is your chance to get into the school you want to go to. Scoring on the lower-end could work against you if other applicants that have similar High school GPA, essay score, and extracurricular activities have better SAT scores than you. Chances are you’ll get cut or wait-listed as they’ll prefer the one who scored better.

Schools requesting for ranges are just asking for a range. Having great scores is a good way of showcasing your talents that are highly sought after by colleges. An average score may not be good enough for as there will be a lot of admission requests, especially if you’re gunning for prestigious schools. Low scores could automatically put you on the declined category because of the aforementioned numerous admission requests.

Honor Programs

Doing well in your SATs can help you land in the Honor Programs in your college. Being part of the program will give you access to resources and events that are not available to all students. You can participate in field trips, honor courses, separate housing, and other social events. You will also be eligible for several awards.

Confidence in Their Hard Work

One of the most important takeaways from getting a high score in the SAT exam is the confidence you’ll gain from the hard work you’ve put in. The good habits that you’ve developed throughout your preparation will prove to be helpful in your college life. 

The great perks above are good enough reasons to motivate students in doing well in their SAT exams. The high scores can significantly give them a better position, which they can benefit from in the short and long-term future.