Buying Your First E-Bike? Here’s What You Need To Know

NPG Groups market research. Some may see them as a threat since more and more people decide to use them over traditional bikes. They are not here to mug us of our way of life that is human-powered, so there is no need to fear. The only thing they can do is enhance our way of living, especially when it comes to traveling. Here are some facts everyone interested in having an E-bike should know about. 

Boost Me Up

E-bikes can be in any color imaginable, red, yellow, white, and so on. They come in various shapes and designs as well and are lovely to look at. When it comes to accessibility, electric bikes for sale are easy to find nowadays. But the question that may arise would be, “Are E-Bikes that different from regular bicycles?”. Well, in some ways, they are, and in some ways, they are more or less the same. The main thing that makes them unique is their battery-powered help When pushing pedals, it activates a small motor that engages and gives you the boost. So If you were thinking about not riding over the hill, there is no need to worry. They can zip you up over them without you even breaking a sweat. They feel like regular bicycles and yet are different. When pedaling with your feet, you do not sense anything that can be other than usual. But when you decide to go faster, you feel powerful since it comes with ease, and you accelerate smoothly. Some E-bikes come with a throttle. It activates the mother with a press of a button. They are a separate class of E-bikes that are interestingly considered illegal in some municipalities and do not offer the same cycling experience. People who are cycling addicts at first gravitate towards throttle bikes, but soon they turn to pedal-assist E-bikes.

Do You Have A Need For Speed?

Even though they are fast and easy to use, people should have in mind that they are bikes after all, not motorcycles. It is not possible to drive down the highway with a speed of 80 miles per hour. Depending on a bike, it has a limit. The motor is commanded to stop you when you hit 20 or 28 miles per hour.  Your travel time will definitely be shortened. However, you will still be able to enjoy your surroundings while cycling. As an owner, you can control how big of assistance you receive from your electric bike. Most of them come with a power switch. It lets you boost your setting from eco to turbo in case you want to spice up a bit of your ride a little when going up a hill. 

More Activity

According to a survey done in North America, E-bikes owners have dramatically increased how often they cycle. The questionnaire was completed by 1 800 people. Before owning an E-bike, only 55 percent of them said that they rode daily or weekly, while after possessing electric bikes, that answer jumped to 91 percent of the survey participants. That makes perfect sense; after all, even if you are someone who is physically fit and works out daily, you eventually get tired. The idea of mounting a bike is certainly not thrilling.  But if you own one, then the story is different. Even those among us who are using up all of their energy can use an E-Bike since it gives a chance to rest our legs also if we are actually moving. For those who do not use a bike regularly, the electric bike opens up a whole new world. UK Electric Bike brand Wisper has introduced a ‘full throttle’ option to their ebikes, so you don’t even have to pedal! With a battery assist, those that do not want to struggle a lot while riding a bike can easily overcome from five to 10 miles at a time. Naturally, if they wish so, nobody is conditioned to ride those distances. The same survey has also found out that 94 percent of people that were non-cyclist, now use E-bike weekly or even daily ever since they got it.

Into The Future

They really do look and sound like they came out of some sci-fi movie. They are sleek, futuristic looking, and come in various sizes and shapes. By the looks of it, E-bikes are on the way to parry other modern vehicles that have a similar out of this world look. Over time all things evolve. Traditional bicycles for sure have and that is a good thing. Everything goes towards progression. It is only natural. So we can only imagine what the future brings when it comes to electric bikes.