Tips to Make the Workplace More Inviting

As lockdown restrictions are being lifted, more and more employees are heading back to the office. As a manager, this is as good of a time as any to revamp the office and make it more inviting for your employees. The downside to revamping your office is that it will cost you some money, but there are some great positives that come from doing this.

Your employees will have a much higher morale in a new office while also working much more efficiently. Think of that initial money spent as an investment towards the future. Before long, your employees’ work will have paid off all the money you put into it. Here are some ways that you can make the workplace more inviting. 

Evaluate the Layout of the Office

The first thing that you can look into when making your workplace more inviting is how it is arranged. While the standard cubicle layout is tried, tested, and true, there are much better ways that you can go about arranging the office.

The new popular layout that many offices are employing is an open concept theme. They are getting rid of all cubicles and letting people work in one big space together. You can click here to see examples of these concepts and how you can make it work in your office. This helps to boost morale, and while your employees might be distracted every now and then, the amount of work they complete will greatly outshine their production beforehand.

Bring in new furniture as well. Old furniture might be extremely uncomfortable to work with and also can give the office an archaic look. By switching to new furniture, you show your employees that you care for them and want them to succeed.

When re-evaluating the layout, keep in mind your budget however. While this is an investment that will be paid off in productivity over time, you don’t want to sink too much money into it right away. Making smart business decisions is key here as it will boost office morale without sinking the ship. Change the layout of the office and make it a more open concept to make it more inviting.

Workplace Amenities

The next thing that you want to consider in your office is the amount of amenities you have. The workplace is often referred to as a jail, so anything that you can do to change that stigma helps. Things such as a nice instant coffee machine can be great for your employees and great for you as well. If you take the time to invest in a good one, not only will your employees no longer be late waiting for their coffee, but they will also appreciate the sentiment.

Establish a wellness program within your office as well to check in on each employee. Some days an employee can be extremely stressed and overworked due to both their personal life and their work life. By having a program that checks in on them, they can feel appreciated and express their concerns and issues without fear. It is another great tool you can use to help out your employees.

Finally, a breakroom is an important amenity that your employees will love. Having the opportunity to take a break and unwind for a few minutes will do wonders towards the productivity of each employee. Not only that, but having something like a foosball table or pool table will give them a good way to blow off steam. Amenities in the workplace will always make it more inviting.

Interactivity in Meeting Rooms

Employees dread the meeting and conference rooms. They know that it is a time where they will sit there for an hour or two and get lectured on what has to change or what they need to do. Look into making these meetings much more interactive for them.

This can mean changing around the layout of the room, adding new technology into it that allows them to participate, or opening the floor up to discussions and having open conversation between you and them. The more they can speak and participate, the more they will feel involved and invited in their workspace.

By following these tips, you are on your way to creating a much more inviting workspace that your employees will want to be in. Always communicate with them and figure out what they want. The last thing you want to do is make a big change that no one appreciates. By keeping everyone happy you will keep your company running well. How do you plan on making your workplace more inviting?