Studying Linguistics? Here is Jobs You Can Do after Graduation

A linguistics degree is very versatile, and it opens many doors for you in different careers. When looking for a job, you should consider one that takes into consideration your interests. It is essential to find a job that will build your working skills. Some positions may require you to have work experience like speech therapy. However, some jobs do not require you to have work experience like freelance writing.

With your linguistics degree, you can work in many areas like in the communication industry, in media and telecommunications, in schools, in marketing and public relations, and the civil service. You may also decide to work at home in areas like freelance writing. The linguistics degree also offers you skills like problem-solving and time management, which makes you valuable at the job market. Given below are some of the jobs that you qualify for with your linguistic degree.

These are some of the Jobs that You Can Do with a Linguistics Degree.

Forensic Linguist

Forensic linguistics involves applying linguistic knowledge during a judicial investigation or procedure and in the medicolegal department. With your linguistics degree, you can become a forensic linguist, which means that you will analyze auditory and acoustic recordings. Your job description also involves reclaiming data from data sources that have been ruined. As a forensic linguist, you can work in a law firm or work for companies that record data. A forensic linguist’s average earning is about 25000 dollars on the entry-level and up to 77000 dollars annually when you gain working experience.


Those who require quality content would prefer mistakes are reduced down to zero as much as possible. This is where proofreading comes in. It is one of the profitable ways of making money when you are at any place in the world. You can get a job as a general proofreader of various pieces of work. General proofreading will require you to be excellent at grammar and punctuation. You will also be required to correct spelling mistakes when you are doing general proofreading.

When you want to earn more money, you can switch to transcript proofreading. Transcript proofreading requires you to fully understand the text and especially ensure that there are no punctuation errors. You can make an average of 40,000 dollars annually when you are at the entry-level.

Linguistics Professor

You can become a linguistic professor when you sign in an aspect of linguistics like philosophy, anthropology, and speech and communication aspects. You will then get a job to teach university students. Most people who pursue this profession have a massive passion for linguistics, which motivates them to work even when the pay is not much.

 How much you earn will depend on your working experience. In the US, you can make an average of 40000 dollars when you start the job, but this amount increases to above 150000 dollars when you get an experience of more than ten years.

Foreign Language Teacher

To become a foreign language teacher, you will need to have studied a foreign language in an accredited school. Your job description will include teaching students one to one, making lesson plans, examining the students, and attending meetings in your department. To qualify for this job, you should be fluent in that language and know the history and culture of this language. Your salary will vary between 22000 dollars, on average, to 76000 dollars, depending on your skills and work experience.


As a lexicographer, you will be required to write or edit dictionaries for English language learners, for professionals, and even for people who speak different languages. Your work will involve recording new words and checking for the accuracy of the terms. You can do a postgraduate foreign language degree so that you qualify to become a bilingual lexicographer. The average salary for a lexicographer in the US is 52000 dollars.


You can become an editor with your linguistics degree. You will be required to perform editorial work like reviewing the content of documents that have already been written and designing papers before they are published. The average salary of an editor in the US is 50000 dollars.

Accent Coach

As an accent or dialect coach, you should teach an actor to design their speech in a way similar to that of the character they are imitating. You should prepare training materials and instruct the actor on how to work on their lines, ensuring that they are clear and consistent. You can also work with impressionists, singers and public speakers. Your average salary will depend on your experience and will vary between 40000 and 77000 dollars.

Freelance Writing

This is a field of work that does not require specialized training. You can work as a freelance writer in the comfort of your home. Many freelance writing jobs are available, so you do not have to worry about getting a job.  There is no limit to the amount of money that you can make as a freelance writer, and you can also write about any field and for different companies. You can even start writing before you graduate.

A linguistics degree opens up many opportunities for you, where you can use your skills. Some of the jobs that you can do with your linguistics degree include editing, linguistic professor, writing, and translating content. The amount of money that you can make in any field depends on your skills and work experience.


To become a translator, you should have adequate knowledge of the two languages on top of your mother tongue and have accuracy in translating the words. You can improve your translation accuracy by using specialist dictionaries. You have to specialize in one field of bringing like law or education. The average salary of a translator in the US varies between $20,000 and $70,000 dollars.