Pro Advice on How to Drive Online Traffic and Increase Sales

Running an online business is not easy. If your potential customers have never heard of your business, they are not likely to ever visit your online shop. To see a profit, you need to increase sales, and to do so, you have to have traffic on your site. The good news is, many online stores have made it, which means that there is always a way. Here’s our advice on how to drive traffic and increase your sales.

1. Start a Sales Campaign

People love free and discounted items. Even if they’re not that interested in your product, putting it on sale will turn their heads. There are many ways to go about this. You can start a giveaway in a limited amount of time or offer discounts on various products. A “buy one get one free” type of promotion will make people share your products as well. Offer free shipping on orders for a while, or make a discount coupon that people can use on your website. The main idea here is to assess the situation from a sales and profit point of view. 

2. Use Social Media 

Everyone is on social media today, scrolling aimlessly for hours. If your social media presence is strong, they will most likely stumble upon your page. One digital marketing agency advises that you need to commit to your social media campaign fully to see results. Create a Facebook page, Twitter account, and LinkedIn company profile, and start posting regularly. Your content doesn’t have to be specifically an advertisement for your products. Go for content that is engaging and relevant. 

3. Start blogging

Content marketing is another type of marketing on the rise. Start a blog and link it to your website. Then let the wordsmiths do their magic. Again, the work has to be engaging and relevant, as opposed to promotional. It has to be useful too. Using Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO, will give your site more visibility for your website and business. It’s how most businesses run these days.

Another great strategy is guest posting. You find publications related to your industry, and that speaks to your target audience and post there. Your posts can have backlinks; links that lead back to your website. And you can make the publisher’s information about your business. 

4. Email Marketing

Email marketing is a free and popular strategy among marketers. You simply send emails to your prospects. Just do steps as necessary to ensure that your emails don’t end up in spam folders. And take care not to send too many emails because that can drive people away. Your email has to have an interesting subject line, well-written content, and visuals. It also should include a CTA or call to action, which is a clear and precise message calling the recipient to do an action, such as: click on the given link. 

5. Speak Up 

What’s better than getting the chance to speak about your idea and project? You will find that there are a few conferences held specifically for your industry. It’s a good idea to attend, tell people about your product, and, if possible, speak as a guest. That will establish your image as a CEO, and you will gain the exposure you need. 

Another way to use your voice to gain an audience is through webinars. Make a webinar where you educate your target audience about a relevant topic or a topic related to your role as a CEO. Create events on Facebook and send newsletters to prospects informing them about the webinar and telling them why they should be present. 

6. Test Your Website

Your website is the little shop that you have to tend to regularly. People visiting it need to find it comfortable to view and easy to navigate. Y has to be fast enough, as well. Test your website on all available platforms to be sure it’s a smooth ride for your customers. If they find it slow or laggy, they will most likely close the tab.

Technology is advancing, and we need to keep up. There are always new methods to market your business and make people interested. Social media is your best friend and is likely to make a difference in your numbers. A sales campaign with good offers will introduce potential loyal customers to your product. Consider hiring content writers and marketers that will represent your brand. They can do all the blogging and email marketing. On the other hand, there are things you can do yourself like, hosting webinars and attending conferences.