Affordable Ways to Transform Your Bathroom

There are several ways you can improvise and come up with a better bathroom. These ways will transform your bathroom to become more updated or cleaner, depending on the kind of transformation you would want to make. Below are some of the recommended, affordable ways you can transform your bathroom.

Update fixtures

Are your fixtures outdated? You can come up with better, affordable ones. You can easily upgrade your sinks, lighting, towel racks, drawer pulls, and showers to a more customized and modern one. According to the expert reviews from, you can get the best shower heads and other bathroom items to accessorize and transform your bathroom. However small they seem to be, these items can completely change the bathroom look, making it look as good as new. Ensure what you get cannot be changed for some time and has the qualities you desire on an item. Change them today and see how easily you will have transformed your bathroom into a new look.


Does your bathroom look dull and gloomy? You can easily repaint it and come up with a better, new look. You won’t spend much with painting since you can combine different cool colors to develop the desired theme. Some areas require careful painting to maintain its colors. Such areas include windows, showers, tubs, mirror, sink, toilet bowl, floor, and corners, and if it’s a must you repaint, you might require a special paint. If you only need a transformation on the walls, be open and creative to art into a masterpiece. One more thing, do not go for the cheapest paint since the bathroom has humidity. Get the best colors that stick fast and have them reinforced with a good finish.  

Limit Your Tiles

If you plan for a new design for your bathroom, you can limit its tiles. Tiles are expensive and can increase costs if put all over the bathroom. You can change the old ones and focus on the new ones on the floor to cut costs. If your budget is too low, you can put tiles on the floor as you paint the walls. If you plan to put up artistic or designer tiles, alternate them with simple tiles to reduce the costing. This idea will make the expensive tiles noticeable, and at the same time, you will save money. Another way, for already existing tiles, is to scrub off the dirt and discoloration of the tiles, which brings back their original color.

Redo Whatever Is Available

Did you know you can change the pattern of your tiles to come up with something new? Yes, and it will be affordable compared to buying new tiles. Also, replacing your old taps and basins might cost you a fortune. Get a professional who will adjust everything to look as good as new. However, you need to check on the things that can get redone. Items such as showers and sinks are better off replaced than redone. If there are items that can get repainted, you can go ahead and apply a new coat of paint with your preferred theme. Ensure you stick with things that are of high quality, to get value for your money. 

Add Storage

Does your bathroom appear cluttered and full? Get some storage areas to keep your essential; items. You can add baskets, shelves, and basin units to store the extra items, depending on the type of bathroom, for small bathrooms, consider hanging shelves for additional storage. The material to be used should be water-resistant to avoid them from getting damaged for prolonged use.

Update Your Rugs and Mats

If you possess rugs and mats in your bathroom, it’s high time, you change them with new, affordable ones. Old carpets make your bathroom look old too. Dispose of them off and get new ones according to your theme, to transform your bathroom for the better. Compared to changing the whole bathroom, these mats can significantly alter the bathroom without incurring many costs. There are several types of bath mats on sale out there. They come in different colors and designs. Choose one according to your likes to make your bathroom look great.

Other ways you can consider are getting some scents for your bathroom, changing the linens and curtains, introducing some greenery to make your bathroom lovely and natural, hanging up some art, and much more. Don’t leave your bathroom boring just because you have less funds. Use the above tips and transform the bathroom to look better.