Legitimate Ways to Earn Money as a Stay-at-Home Parent

Unlike the common misconception, you don’t  have to work for a corporation or a regular 9 to 5 job to earn money. The world is changing how people think and behave, and at the center of this change is how people work. Over the years, more work opportunities have been opening up, allowing stay-at-home moms and dads to get to spend time bringing up their kids while making money.

Whether you are at home by choice or forced due to circumstances, this article will give you legitimate ways to earn money that  work around your schedule as a full-time parent.


Blogging is one of the top choices since it’s easy to work it around your schedule and because it’s up to you what you want to write about. From a hobby blog to a business one, you can make money by adding ads to your blog. Ad programs with offers bringing people the best game apps to win real money pay and take a portion from these ads. 

You have the choice of using Cost per Click (CPC), or CPM ads that are based on the viewership of your blog. Your hard work can get your blog up and running and you might find advertisers approaching you to place their ads on your blog which will knock out the middle person, allowing you to set your own ad rates, and pocket the money for yourself. 

Affiliate Marketing

Can you sell ice-cream to an Eskimo? If yes, affiliate marketing might be for you. The idea is to sell other people’s products and you get paid by commission. People who have the skill of selling can find themselves very comfortable working in affiliate marketing. You don’t have to deal with the inventory, delivery, and everything else that goes into running a business. You just have to sell and get your cut. 

Online Business

Do you want to start an online business and sell your products? This could be very lucrative for you, but you have to find ways to beat the competition and there’s stiff competition for online businesses. Taking advice from Freedom Bound Business, there’s plenty to learn about digitally marketing your business. Some of the things include: Ads, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Youtube SEO, email marketing, web design, among other tactics and techniques used. These are all online business solutions that keep you a few steps ahead of the competition.

Website Testing

All of us have an opinion on websites we visit; why it’s bad or why it’s good. You can speak your thoughts aloud and get paid for it too. New sites or modified sites look for people and pay them to test their website. You will find test sites that have mega-companies as their clients. 

Virtual Assistant (VA)

Most companies that hire a VA are more interested in your skills rather than your experience because it depends on the company and the type of work and clients they have. In essence, anything that could be done virtually could use a virtual assistant, be it bookkeeping, handling correspondence, customer support, or web design among many other jobs. 

Business owners have enough to do and often don’t have the time for many other virtual tasks that are dire to the business so they hire a VA. If you do well, you could start building a client base or stay with one client if that suits you better.


If you know how to do something really well and are qualified to teach it, then think about becoming an instructor. Seeing that you already have your kids to take care of, you can get more qualified and become a parenting instructor, for instance. Assuming, you speak English, there are thousands of non-native English speakers, online and offline, who are enthusiastic to take lessons from native English speakers, or you can become a physical instructor if keeping fit is your end-game. 

The topics of things you can instruct people on are endless. You could consider getting qualified and certified to instruct the subject you want.

Give Workshops

Not everything has to be done indoors or online. Think about providing workshops on something that you’re good at. Not everyone likes virtual learning, and a workshop gives those people a chance to have a hands-on learning experience. 

You will want to find out the best way to prepare and conduct a workshop on just about anything, from flower decoration to whatever is trending now. It’s a great experience for attendees, plus opens up new channels and networking for you.

Stay-home-parents have a wide scope of opportunities to keep money flowing in. Many of these opportunities don’t need high qualifications or even any qualifications. But they do need discipline, effort, and proper guidance. Taking advice from the right people will help you get started and continue earning money from home.